American Rapper: Ski Mask the Slump God Net Worth and Is Ski Mask a Dad?


Mask the Slump with a Ski Mask Earlier this year, God released his first studio album, Stokeley, which peaked at #4 on the US R&B/Hip-Hop chart and #6 on the Billboard 200 chart. He has published three mixtapes: Drown in Designer (2016), YouWillRegret (2017), and Beware the Book of Eli (2018).

He has also released a single, Drown in Designer (2016). He was also featured on a mixtape with XXXTentacion, as well as on two mixtapes with Members Only, as well as on several other projects.

Mask the Slump with a Ski Mask God’s track “Nuketown” (with Juice Wild) peaked at #10 on the New Zealand Hot List, while his single “Foot Fungus” peaked at #8 on the same chart. God is a New Zealand native. He has inked a recording contract with Republic Records.

The Life and Times of Ski Mask the Slump God

Mask the Slump with a Ski Mask In April 1996, God was born in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In Florida, he was raised and completed his elementary and high school education before deciding to pursue his dream of becoming a professional rapper.

Ski Mask the Slump God Net Worth

While he was growing up, he was exposed to musical influences that sparked his interest in rapping. He began performing with rapper XXXTentacion and his group Members Only, and he has since gone on to perform with other artists.

Mask the Slump with a Ski Mask Earlier this year, God released his first studio album, Stokeley, which peaked at #4 on the US R&B/Hip-Hop chart and #6 on the Billboard 200 chart. Several mixtapes have been released by him previously, including Drown in Designer in 2016, YouWillRegret in 2017, and Beware the Book of Eli in 2018.

Infancy and Adolescence

Stokeley Clevon Goulbourne was born on April 18, 1996, in the city of Fort Lauderdale, in the state of Florida, United States of America. Ski Mask is of Jamaican heritage, and he wears a mask. His father was also a rapper in his own right. Ski Mask, on the other hand, was quite private about his family and personal life.

Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Wu-Tang Clan, and other well-known American rappers influenced Ski Mask as he was growing up, among others. He considers his friendship with XXXTentacion to be the most important thing that happened to him during his upbringing.


Mask the Slump with a Ski Mask God began his hip-hop rapping career in 2014 when he was only eighteen years old. Ski Mask, along with XXXTentacion, established the rap group ‘Very Rare.’ Catch Me, a song he wrote with this group, was put on SoundCloud with their permission.

In addition, Ski Mask is a co-founder of the American rap collective Members Only, which was formed in 1999. Ski Mask debuted with his debut mixtape, Drown in Designer, which was published in 2016. In this mixtape, he featured the song Take a Step Back, which was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Ski Mask’s first commercial mixtape, You Will Regret, was released the next year, and it immediately established him as a noteworthy artist.

Ski Mask has also released a studio album, titled Stokeley, in addition to mixtapes. This album, which was published in November 2018, was his first. This album debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200 chart in its first week of release. However, he is expected to release another album in 2020, if all goes well.

In a Typical Year, How Much Money Does Ski Mask the Slump God Make?

Ski Mask the Slump God earned $87.2k in income for the year 2018. His annual earnings are believed to be in the range of $500,000. However, he is doing well for himself as a new rapper.

What Is the Net Worth of Xxxtentacion?

XXXTentacion was a hip-hop rap musician from the United States who was a close buddy of Ski Mask. He passed away in June of this year. XXXTentacion, on the other hand, had a net worth of $5 million.

What Is the Estimated Net Worth of Ski Mask the Slump God?

The Slump Can Be Skimmed Off God’s true net worth is still being determined, but Net Worth Spot believes it to be in the neighborhood of 1.21 million dollars. Some people, on the other hand, believe that Ski Mask The Slump is more than a decade old. God’s net worth might be significantly more than that.

Ski Mask The Slump God’s net worth could reach as high as $1.7 million if we take into account all of his sources of income. Ski Mask the Slump God’s net worth and salary information are as follows: Mask the Slump with a Ski Mask God is a rapper from the United States who has a net worth of $3 million.

Ski Mask the Slump God Net Worth

Mask the Slump with a Ski Mask God was born on May 18, 1996, in the United States. Ski Mask was born on the 18th of May in the year 1996 in the state of Florida. He has gained widespread recognition as a result of his use of the Internet. The individual was reared in a standard American family, about which he does not wish to divulge too much information.

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While growing up, his idols included notable rap musicians such as Fifty Cent and Logic, to name a couple of examples. His tunes such as ‘Catch Me Outside‘ and ‘Where’s The Blow’ has made him a household name. The rapper began his professional career only a few years ago, in 2015. He created a Soundcloud account and quickly rose to the status of a well-known performer on the platform.

Ki Mask the Slump God’s Online Persona

Ski Mask the Slump God’s full name is Ski Mask the Slump God. April 1996 was the month of my birth. Lauderdale, Florida is where I was born. Age: Twenty-four years old Nationality: United States of America Statistics show that they are active.

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Rapper and songwriter as a source of income Amount of money on hand: 4 million dollars Dark Blue is the color of her eyes. N/A for body measurements Status of marital union: unmarried Children: none Salary Information Will Be Updated Soon Instagram and Twitter are examples of social media.

Is Ski Mask a Father Figure?

Results for ski mask the slump god net worth on ImageJump Ski Mask is a type of mask that is used for skiing.

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The Dreadful Slump Within his family, God isn’t the only one who possesses musical ability. On Tuesday (June 12), the 2018 XXL Freshman disclosed that his father is also a rapper in a new interview that was posted on his official website.

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