Neverskip Parent Portal: How to Download Parent App for Android?

The Neverskip Parent App mobile application is a mobile version of the parent-focused website can access a variety of services geared toward parents via the site.

Review of the Neverskip Portal Application

EDUCATION is the category and has 3.6 Stars. Moreover, Over a Million Downloads.
You can use this App if you are already a registered user. Rather than logging onto your computer each time, you may access this from anywhere, at any time, on your mobile phone.


  • It instantly gives you information on your child’s academic and attendance records.
  • You can view photographs and videos of school functions and programs.
  • The portal maintains an accurate record of the fees and the fees you paid. Additionally, this application allows you to pay fees online directly from your phone.
  • There is no longer a need for a computer; the Android App provides access to nearly all of the portal’s functions.
  • It features real-time tracking of school buses, ensuring that your children never miss their buses.


  • The effort put into developing this App is commendable. However, it may be improved.

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How to Download Parent App for Android?

  • To download the Neverskip parent app on your Android mobile phone, follow these steps:
  • To begin, on your Android smartphone This link will take you to the Download page.
    The Download link will take you to the Google Play Store mobile application’s Download page.

neverskip parent portal

  • You must click on the install button to download the parent portal application to your mobile device.
  • Additionally, the user’s mobile phone must run an Android OS version greater than 6.0 in order for this app to work.
  • After installing the Mobile App on your phone, you may begin the Parent login process.

Download for Apple Ios Devices Such as the iPhone, Ipad, or iPod Touch

The official School parent app is now available for iOS devices. Additionally, you can visit the official online portal directly from your computer or mobile device if you choose.

If you’re looking to download the School Parent App for iOS, you’ve come to the right place. Utilize this link, which will take you to the Apple iTunes App Store’s Download page. That being stated, you can get the Neverskip Parent portal app for iOS Apple iPhone, iPod, or other Apple devices such as the iPod Touch in this manner.

Download Neverskip Parent Software for Pc

If you are a PC or laptop user, you will want to download the Neverskip parent app. Because the portal is accessible online, with a single click in your web browser, there is no need to download the Neverskip parent software for Laptops or PC.

To access the Web App, navigate to Parent.NeverSkip.Com. Once there, simply log in using your school-issued mobile number or email address.

Log in as a Parent at

The Parent App Login User ID, which can be either the parent’s registered mobile number or email address, can be used to log in.

To log in, ensure that you input the mobile number that you provided upon registering at the school. This username and password combination is applicable for both mobile phone applications and the online web portal.

If you are unsure of whose email address or mobile number you gave the school, you can contact them to verify your user id. If parents forget their password, they can easily reset it.

How to Download Videos From the Neverskip Parental Control Application?

The application is accessible in two versions: mobile and web.

On a mobile phone, you may download it for both Android and iOS devices.

The Mobile Application comes equipped with the following features:

  • You can get information about the school’s activities.
  • All pricing information and the ability to pay school fees online.
  • Additionally, parents can track the school bus in real-time.
  • Provide you with access to all accessible photographs and videos of school functions in one location.
  • Thus, after a user logs into their account, they can easily access their photographs and videos via the application’s UI.

neverskip parent portal

  • Currently, the App user cannot download videos from the neverskip parent app.

App for Neverskip Teachers

Not only is the Neverkip portal app available to parents, but it is also available to school teachers.

Download the Neverskip Teacher App

This application is available as a mobile application for Android/iOS devices, which can be downloaded from the official app store or Google play store.

Download the Android Teacher App
Here is a link to the How to NeverSkip Teacher Android App.

  • To begin downloading the NeverSkip Teacher App, navigate to the Google Play Store using this link.
  • Install the Teachers app on your Android device.
  • You can now log in with your Teacher Login.

Download the Ios Teacher App

You may also download the Teacher App for iOS. This application is produced for Apple devices by Jarulss Technology Solutions, a separate publisher from Google’s Android App store. To access the Apple app store’s download page, click this link.

Never Miss a Teacher Login With the Neverskip Teacher App

The procedure for logging into the Neverskip teacher app is as follows:

  • Once the installation is complete, launch the Mobile Application. If you have not downloaded it yet, use the Download step outlined above to complete the installation.
  • When you open the application for the first time, you will see the login option.
  • Utilize your school-registered teacher login credentials.
  • That is how to log in as a Neverskip teacher via the mobile application.
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