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CPS Health Screener: What Happens if I Don’t Pass the CPS Health Screener?

cps health screener

In this post, we’ll talk about the CPS Health Screener App, which is designed to protect the safety of Chicago Public Schools students, staff, and visitors who come to the CPS building on a given day, according to the official website.

App for the CPS Health Screening

The health screening program in Chicago Public Schools is a critical step in reducing the likelihood of COVID-19 spreading. In order to be admitted to CPS School or any building that is part of the group of students, staff, and visitors, you must first pass the temperature check at the school or any building that is part of the group.

If you plan to be in the building for more than 10 minutes, you must pass through this checkpoint. In order to participate in this screening procedure, the mobile phone must be activated by scanning the QR Code or by going directly to the website –

Listed below is information on how to complete the health screening process online:

The temperature check must be completed once the CPS health screener for the students process has been completed and the screening has been passed by the student.

Anyone with a temperature below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will be allowed to pass through the screening process. It is possible that you will be sent home if your temperature is greater than normal (which suggests fever), or if you have any other symptoms that indicate COVID-19.

This health screener cannot be done prior to your arrival on-site; it must be completed on the day of your arrival on the site.

Please write down the following: “By responding to the CPS health screener App questions, you acknowledge that you are submitting sensitive information to the screener.” According to federal regulations, this information will be utilized by the state in a secret manner.”

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What Happens if I Don’t Pass the CPS Health Screener?

If you do not pass the health screening, you will not be allowed to enter the facility and will be required to leave immediately.

You must understand that the entire screening process is intended to keep children and anyone in the surrounding area safe. Simply put, they are unable to allow the sick or anyone who has come into contact with a Corona-infected individual to enter the building.

The information on CPS health screeners for students, employees, and guests who need to remain in the Chicago Public Schools facility for more than 10 minutes has been sent to you in its entirety.

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