Axl Rose Net Worth 2022: What About His Personal Life?


W. Axl Rose is a musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer from the United States. He is most known as the lead vocalist and lyricist for the hard rock and heavy metal band Guns N’ Roses, as well as the band’s lone constant member from the band’s foundation in 1985.

Early Life

Axl Rose was born William Bruce Rose, Jr. in Lafayette, Indiana on February 6, 1962. Rose’s mother, Sharon, was sixteen years old at the time of his birth, while his father, William Sr., was twenty. Rose’s parents divorced when he was two years old, at which point his father allegedly abducted and raped him before fleeing town.

The following year, his mother married Stephen L. Bailey and legally changed Rose’s name to William Bruce Bailey. Rose believed Bailey was his biological father until the age of 17.

Rose was brought up in a strict religious household; he was expected to attend services at a Pentecostal church three to eight times a week and he taught Sunday school. Rose discovered music as an emotional expression at a young age.

axl rose net worth

He began singing in the church choir when he was five years old and joined the school chorus and studied piano during his senior year of high school. He also formed a band with his buddies, one of them was fellow Guns N’ Roses member Jeff Isbell, afterward known as Izzy Stradlin, at this period.

When Rose discovered the presence of his biological father, he began referring to himself as W. Rose. At this point, he began to run afoul of the law and served time in jail. Rose was arrested over a dozen times for a variety of offenses, including public intoxication and violence.

In 1982, when police in Lafayette threatened to prosecute him for being a habitual offender, he packed his belongings and relocated to Los Angeles.

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After relocating to Los Angeles, he became so immersed in his band, AXL, that friends pushed him to adopt the moniker Axl Rose. He legally changed his name to W. Axl Rose in March 1986, prior to negotiating a contract with Geffen Records.

Rose was a member of several bands in the Los Angeles hard rock scene, including Rapidfire, Hollywood Rose, and L.A. Guns. He took odd jobs to supplement his income and even smoked cigarettes for scientific research at UCLA for $8 per hour (adjusted for inflation, it would be $20 in 2019).

Guns N’ Roses was formed in March 1985 and within a year garnered the attention of several big record labels. The band’s debut EP, consisting of four songs, was published in December 1985.


Guns N’ Roses achieved particular popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Appetite for Destruction, the band’s 1987 debut album, has sold approximately 30 million copies worldwide to date.

The band’s subsequent albums—Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II, both of which were released in September 1991—sold a total of 35 million copies worldwide. Guns N’ Roses have sold well over 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the most successful bands of all time.

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Although Rose has maintained a largely secluded lifestyle since the late 1990s, he is the only band member to have remained with Guns N’ Roses from the band’s beginnings.

Rose was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2012 but did not attend the ceremony as a member of Guns N’ Roses. Additionally, he toured with AC/DC in 2016 as the band’s new lead singer, succeeding Brian Johnson.

Rose earned $20 million between June 2017 and June 2018 through his different businesses. He earned the most of his money traveling with the band following their reunion for the “Not In This Lifetime Tour.” The tour ultimately grossed over $430 million globally.

Net Worth

Axl Rose is a musician and songwriter from the United States with a net worth of $200 million. He is best known as a founding member of Guns N’ Roses, one of the world’s most popular rock bands.

What About His Personal Life?

Despite his public image, Rose has never been a heavy drug user, yet he did not abstain from using illicit substances entirely. Rose was hospitalized in 1986 after deliberately overdosing on opioids as a result of stress. This encounter served as the inspiration for the lyrics to Guns N’ Roses’ song “Coma.”

In the early 1990s, Rose became a devout believer in homeopathy, a pseudoscientific system of alternative treatment. He would undertake past life regression therapy on a regular basis.

axl rose net worth

Rose began dating model Erin Everly in early 1986, the daughter of Everly Brothers singer Don Everly. Rose co-wrote the 1987 Everly song “Sweet Child o’ Mine” and performed in the music video. The pair married in Las Vegas four years later, in the spring of 1990.

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Rose filed for divorce less than a month later. For a time, the pair was able to reconcile, but Everly eventually left Rose following a fight. They divorced in January 1991. Everly filed a lawsuit against Rose three years later, alleging physical and emotional abuse. The lawsuit was resolved amicably.

Rose began dating supermodel Stephanie Seymour shortly after his divorce from Everly. Seymour appears in the music videos for “Don’t Cry” and “November Rain.” Rose and Seymour became engaged in February 1993 but separated three weeks later. Rose was also said to have dated artist Lana Del Rey.

Real Estate

Rose owns a residence in Malibu, California. He purchased the 4,333-square-foot residence for $3.6 million in 1992, according to documents. In 2008, Axl rescued several of his neighbors’ homes during an early morning fire that stampeded through the neighborhood.

Axl reportedly forced the house’s gate open and hosed down the grounds when one of his neighbors was out of town. Additionally, by opening the gate, firemen were able to get access to numerous other threatened homes.

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