Sb001 Technical Error: How Do I Fix the SBI Yono Lite App Not Working Problem?


Is your SBI Yono Lite App not working and you’re getting issues like difficulties login, validation, registration error, UPI failed, and SB001 technical error?

We’ll look at how we can resolve those concerns here.

How Do I Fix the SBI Yono Lite App Not Working Problem?

The Yono SBI App is not working. Yono SBI and Yono Lite SBI are both approved banking applications for customers of the State Bank of India. Despite a few variations and features, both applications provide nearly identical functionality. Furthermore, if you have an internet banking account, you can utilize any or both programs.

sb001 technical error

Both applications provide the same set of functionality and have certain flaws. So, if the Yono Lite SBI app isn’t working properly on your Android or iPhone, this post is for you. I’ll teach you how to fix numerous difficulties and troubles with such programs in this section.

Yono SBI App Login Issue

During the setup of the Yono app on your phone, you will be asked to generate an MPIN.

Every time you launch this app, you must enter your MPIN. So make a mental note of it. You can recover your Yono MPIN if you have forgotten it. Another alternative is to use your internet banking User ID to log in.

You may, however, quickly restore your MPIN by doing the following:

  • Open the Yono SBI App, then hit the “Can’t log in” link, and then OK.
  • The app will prompt you for your Internet banking User ID and password.
  • Tap on the menu icon > Service request > Select “Manage pin” from the emergency area.
  • Under security, select “Remove MPIN.”
  • After you confirm your credentials, you will be routed to the home page.
  • You will now see the option set MPIN.

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Yono SBI Was Unable to Process Owing to a Validation Problem

When registering or creating an account, one of the following problems may occur on the screen:

  • Due to a validation problem, we are unable to process.
  • The authentication of residents failed.
  • We are unable to process your request at this time.
  • The data you supplied is similar to that of an existing application.

You can view this video from Nitin TNS Green, in which he explains how to resolve this issue: If it doesn’t work, your only alternative is to go to the local SBI bank and resubmit your application.

Registration for the SBI Yono App Is Not Working

To use Yono’s services, you must first complete the throw registration process. You can begin using this online banking app once you have enrolled in it.

However, some people are unable to register for this app. A technological issue is the most prevalent cause of this problem. You may read more about how to register on the Yono App in this article.

After the Update, the SBI Yono App No Longer Works

Apps are updated by developers to make them more user-friendly, include new features, and make them more stable for users. However, this is not the case for everyone. New updates can also introduce new issues.

If this occurs in your instance, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling this software to see if it resolves the problem. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until developers release another update that fixes the problem.

How Can I Fix the Sb001 Problem in the Yono App?

SB001, SB002, SB003, SB004, SB005, and other similar problems emerge as a result of technical difficulties.

If we tried to define those technical challenges, we’d come up with a slew of alternative options. But, in general, this type of problem is caused by one of the following factors:

  • Having difficulty connecting to the network.
  • You haven’t given us enough consent.
  • SMS cannot be sent from the selected number. Simply SMS pack is not enabled on your phone number.
  • An incorrect cellphone number was entered.
  • and possibly anything else along those lines.

Here’s what you can do to correct those technical issues:

  • Check that you can send SMS from the selected number. Recharge using any number that provides SMS as well as data.
  • Long-tap on the Yono App, then select App Settings > Storage Usage > Delete the app’s cache and data.
  • Press the back button and then the force stop button.
  • Restart your computer or device.
  • Tap on the Yono app once more and go through the registration process once more.

UPI Is Not Working in the SBI Yono App

Yono, like most other financial banking applications, offers UPI. You can instantaneously transfer money to anyone using UPI. UPI allows you to transfer money, pay bills, purchase online, and pay in stores, among other things.

sb001 technical error

To use this app for UPI transactions, you must first create a UPI ID. UPI does not always function. This is a problem not only with this app but also with other apps that provide UPI payment solutions. UPI isn’t the issue here; if UPI isn’t operating right now, it means the bank is experiencing a server outage.

In that instance, your only options are to wait or to use another bank to initiate a UPI transaction. Another item to double-check is that UPI is enabled in this app’s profile section; otherwise, it will not work.

Call the SBI Yono Helpline

Yono is a State Bank of India product. So, if you need support with this app or your Yono account, you can call the SBI helpline number. Here are the SBI customer service phone numbers:

  • Toll-free numbers for SBI are 1800 1234 and 1800 11 2211.
  • Other Contact Information: 080-26599990 (Charges apply).


How Do I Use the Yono Sbi App?

You can activate this app by logging in with your online banking credentials and selecting “Account Details” and “ATM Card.” More information can be found in this guide.

Why Isn’t My Yono SBI App Working?

From server outages to account-related issues, we’ve got you covered. This may not work for a variety of reasons. Please review the error code you are receiving and follow the steps in this troubleshooting guide accordingly.

What Is the Phone Number for the SBI Yono Helpline?

If you require assistance with your State bank account, please call 1800 1234 or 1800 11 2211.

Can I Use Yono if I Don’t Have Access to the Internet?

If you do not have Internet banking credentials, you can generate a temporary internet banking password using your debit card.

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