Southern Charm Season 8: What Could the Season 8 Plot of Southern Charm Be About?


Since 2014, the seventh season of “Southern Charm,” a Bravo reality show set in Charleston, South Carolina, has been airing. In 2020, Kathryn Dennis’s use of a monkey emoji in an online argument with radio broadcaster Tamika Gadsden dominated the headlines.

As soon as the cameras stopped rolling and the episodes ceased to show, more of these stars began to appear in the news. Craig Conover alleged that Madison LeCroy slept with a former MLB player.

After the breakup between Austen Kroll and LeCroy, Kroll and Conover began hanging out with Kristin Cavallari, while LeCroy began hanging out with Cavallari’s ex-boyfriend, Jay Cutler.

When Will the Eighth Season of Southern Charm Premiere?

Bravo is well-known for “The Real Housewives” franchise, but the network also produces numerous other shows with intriguing casts and compelling plots. However, many are curious as to when we will see more of the “playground for men who never want to grow up.”

southern charm season 8

According to Bustle, “Southern Charm” typically films new seasons in the fall and releases them in the spring. During the previous season, however, work began early and was subsequently suspended by the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

Season 7 debuted in the fall of 2020, with episodes airing from October 29 to January 21, with the reunion aired on January 28 and February 4, 2021. Radar has reported that filming on new episodes of this reality television series will begin in September, thus Bravo viewers can anticipate Season 8 to broadcast in the spring of 2022.


As of the conclusion of production for the seventh season of southern charm, the cast members featured in the upcoming season will be exciting. There will be some new faces in this season, such as Venita Aspen, who was introduced in the previous season of Southern Charm.

  • Olivia Flowers, who is usually socially adept and has a large number of friends, will also appear in season 8.
  • ChlebRavenell
  • Catherine’s lover
  • and Marcie Hobbs
  • Shep Rose’s cousin, will both appear in the upcoming season of southern charm.

This year, the popular reality show Southern Charm will feature a large number of new cast members alongside the returning ones. Craig Conover and Shep Rose, whom we have seen since season 1, are currently in their third season.

In addition, Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll, Leva Bonaparte, Madison LeCroy, and John Pringle, who has been in past seasons, will return for the eighth season of southern charm. This year’s eighth season of southern charm will have a larger ensemble, providing us with more entertainment and drama.

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How Many Episodes in the Eighth Season of Southern Charm?

There have been no official announcements regarding the episode count for season 8 of southern charm, but fans may anticipate at least 13 episodes.

What Could the Season 8 Plot of Southern Charm Be About?

Southern charm is a popular American reality television programme. As we witnessed in that episode, season 7 of southern charm was full of drama and entertainment, with Madison LeCroy still having feelings for Austen Kroll and attempting to reconcile with him.

The seventh season centred on Madison LeCroy. The drama of Madison LeCroy and Austen did not finish only on-screen; it continued off-screen as well, with both characters making extremely scathing remarks about one another.

Meanwhile, we all observed that season 7 of southern charm was quite adventurous and dramatic for Madison, leaving fans eager to see what she doesștiin the future. Let’s see what interesting twists the eighth season of Southern Charm has in store for fans and cast members.


I’m thrilled to have discovered Southern Charm quiet lately. I’ve been binge-watching one season per week, and I’ve recentlyștiin seasonștiin.știin. Fantastic as it is, this show also maintains your interest thanks to its characters.

southern charm season 8

It is a delightful, enticing reality television programme that leaves viewers wanting more. I am ecstatic that they are producing the sixth season and cannot wait to see what they have in store. For me, it’s all tens.

Where Can One View Southern Charm?

Therefore, if you like to catch this upcoming episode, you can do so on Bravo TV, the official home of the series. If you wish to watch this series online, Fudu TV and Apple TV+ have it available. If you’ve missed an episode, you can view it at any time and from any location on any of the premium online sites.


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