SBI Pension Seva App Download: The Customer Service Number for SBI Pension Seva


In the following paragraphs, we are going to discuss the SBI Pension Seva App account that you may have. This covers all of the necessary information pertaining to this Pension Account, including instructions on how to start the one-time registration process, How exactly does the new Portal function?

The steps to follow in order to download the app onto your Android phone, as well as the phone number to call if you need any additional information or have any complaints.

The New SBI Pension Seva Portal: What Is It? is a brand-new online service that may be accessed by any State Bank of India customer who maintains a pension account at any of the bank’s branches.

The Pension Portal is designed to provide you with not only New user Registration and a Login Dashboard for users who have already registered, but also the features to Download Pension Slip/Form 16, Check Pension Transactions, Investment-related Details, the status of a Life Certificate, Pension profile information, and the ability to download an Arrear Calculation sheet.

sbi pension seva app download

Beneficiaries who already had a pension account with the State Bank of India are eligible for additional services and benefits, such as receiving SMS alerts regarding pension payments, receiving pension slips by mail, using the JeevanPramaan facility at State Bank branches, and submitting their life certificates at any State Bank location.

Downloading Instructions for the SBI Pension Seva App

It is not possible to download the SBI Pension Seva app on your mobile device running Android or iOS. Due to the fact that this Application is only accessible in the form of a “Web App,” it may be viewed through your web browser.

There is no independent application offered by the State bank of India that gives you the ability to access the SBI pension Seva Account on your mobile phone. This is because the SBI pension Seva Account is only accessible online.

On the other hand, this does not imply that a person who has a Pension account will be unable to access account information using a mobile phone. You might also use the mobile browser on your device to navigate to instead.

You can also download the NPS by NSDL e-Gov App, which gives you the ability to access your National Pension System (NPS) Account from your mobile device. However, in order for you to use this app, you must first have subscribed to one of the NPS schemes.

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SBI Pension Seva One Time Registraion

Users who access the Online Portal have the option of either Creating SBI Pension Time Registration or Logging into Their Own Accounts. Users who already have a PPO Account can also create an online account on the official portal by using their account information.

The following is an exhaustive rundown of the steps required to register on the new portal:

  • Proceed to the official website, which may be found at
  • Click the “New User Registration” button that may be found in the header part of the page.
  • At that location, you will be asked to input your Account Number, the account to which your pension is credited, as well as your Date of Birth according to your PPO.
  • In order to complete the verification process, please enter the Captcha Code there and then click the Next button.
  • Please provide your Branch Code and the email address that you registered with.
  • Pick a New Password for yourself, and then input that same password there so it can be confirmed.

In addition to that, you will be asked to select two security questions and their answers.

Pension Seva SBI Form 16 & Pension Slip

Form 16A, which is sometimes referred to as the TDS certificate, must be submitted to the Income Tax Department on your behalf. This Certificate is necessary whenever TDS is being deducted from income other than salary, which includes pension income as well as other forms of income.

After logging into your account online, if you are a pensioner you will be able to download Form 16 and your Pension Slip from your Dashboard. The Step-by-Step Guide to Blocking and Unblocking Your SBI Pension Seva Account

SBI PSA Can be frozen by the Bank in accordance with the instructions provided by the Customer. In addition, you have the option to file a complaint in that section in the event that the account was blocked for whatever reason.

Customers whose accounts have been temporarily disabled can contact Customer Care using the mobile number that is registered to them. They also have the option of submitting the Application in the branch that is most convenient for them in order to Unblock the Account.

sbi pension seva app download

In order to authenticate their identities and complete the application process for an unblocked account, retirees need to submit a few more papers to their submission. In any event, they are required to pay a visit to the branch of the State Bank of India where they initially opened the Pension Account.

The Customer Service Number for SBI Pension Seva

You can easily contact the SBI Pension Seva Customer Care Number if you have any questions or complaints pertaining to your SBI Pension Account.

In order to address concerns and complaints, the State Bank of India offers toll-free hotlines that are staffed around the clock. The following contains information regarding Customer Service:

  • Email Support for Customers Can Be Reached at
  • Text the word “UNHAPPY” to the number 8008202020 to get in touch with the customer support team.
  • Telephone numbers for free customer service: 1800-425-3800 and 1800-112-211
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