Paw Patrol 2: What the Story of PAW Patrol 2 Will Be?


With PAW Patrol: The Movie being such a great success, parents and children may be curious about PAW Patrol 2; here’s what you need to know, including news and updates.

The PAW Patrol series has been since 2013 and spawned a wide multimedia empire, but PAW Patrol: The Movie was the first feature-length theatrical release of the series in North America.

So far, so good: PAW Patrol: The Movie, with an estimated budget of $26 million, grossed $130.5 million at the global box office, and it’s likely that Paramount+ witnessed an increase in subscriptions and/or viewers as a result. All excellent news for a sequel to Paw Patrol 2.

Ryder, a young boy, leads the PAW Patrol, a group of search-and-rescue and emergency services canines, each representing a different service. Chase is a police canine and spy working as a German Shepherd. Marshall is a Dalmatian who, as could be expected, is a firefighter and paramedic dog.

Skye, a cockapoo and pilot of a helicopter, serves as the team’s air rescue and scout. Zuma, a chocolate Labrador Retriever, is the water rescue dog counterpart to Skye. Rocky is a Scottish Terrier-Schnauzer mix who is responsible for recycling and is a handyman. Rubble, a bulldog, is the construction dog and builder for the squad.

Over the years, additional members have been added, but the core PAW Patrol squad has existed since the beginning. The Canadian franchise is tremendously successful in both Canada and the United States.

It began as a completely CG animation series drawn by Guru Studio, but producer/developer Spin Master quickly transformed it into many animated TV movies, a successful line of toys and video games, and even live-action traveling shows like PAW Patrol Live!

With the overall success of the series and PAW Patrol: The Movie, it comes as no surprise that Paw Patrol 2 has been formally announced. Here is what we currently know, including the release date, plot elements, and returning cast.

Date of PAW Patrol 2’s Release

The sequel to the PAW Patrol film was confirmed in November 2021. Officially titled PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, PAW Patrol 2 will be released exclusively in theatres on October 13, 2023, with the title PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie.

Paw Patrol 2

It was always Spin Master’s intention to produce numerous films, so it comes as no surprise that they are already well into production on the sequel. The first movie was announced on an earnings call in early 2019, but the release date wasn’t disclosed until February 21, 2020, indicating that it took approximately three years to develop.

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The Characters and Cast Who Might Appear in PAW Patrol 2

It seems likely that the original cast from the first film will appear in PAW Patrol 2.

  • Will Brisbin provides the voice of Ryder,
  • Iain Armitage is Chase,
  • Kingsley Marshall is Marshall,
  • Callum Shoniker is Rocky,
  • Lilly Barttam is Skye,
  • Keegan Hedley is Rubble,
  • Shayle Simons is Zuma in PAW Patrol: The Movie.
  • Liberty, a dachshund voiced by Marsai Martin,
  • and Delores, an “adult” standard poodle voiced by Kim Kardashian were also introduced in the first film.
  • As for human characters, Ron Pardo will almost probably reprise his role as Mayor Humdinger.

Paw Patrol 2

Other people who may return include Yara Shahidi as the scientist Kendra Wilson, Randall Park, and Dax Shepard as the security guards for Mayor Humdinger, Butch and Ruben, Tyler Perry as the truck driver Gus, and Jimmy Kimmel as the newscaster Marty Muckraker.

What the Story of PAW Patrol 2 Will Be?

At the conclusion of PAW Patrol: The Movie, Liberty joined the team and Mayor Humdinger and his Catastrophe Crew were caught and jailed for their crimes.

However, no PAW Patrol adventure would be complete without Mayor Humdinger and his cats causing mischief, so it came as no surprise when the release date of PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie indicated that he will return for PAW Patrol 2.

After a weird meteor crashes into Adventure City in the sequel, the dogs will apparently be granted superpowers. At the conclusion of PAW Patrol: The Movie, the PAW Patrol puppies were summoned to assist with an incident at the waterfront, which is believed to be the asteroid falling into the city.

Initially, their new abilities seem a dream come true, particularly for Skye, the team’s smallest member. However, things rapidly go awry when Humdinger and his henchmen escape from prison.

Together with a mad scientist, he plots to take the pups’ superpowers so that they can become supervillains. The suddenly superpowered puppies must establish a new squad named The Mighty Pups and stop Humdinger for good. PAW Patrol 2 should be a lot of fun, as it depicts the puppies rescuing the day once more.

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