Arcane Season 2: Storyline | Cast | Release Date | How Many Episodes Does Season 1 of Arcane Contain?


The animated League of Legends series Arcane premiered on Netflix in early November and held the number one spot for three weeks, reaching the top 10 in over 52 countries and maintaining a rare 100% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Fans of the popular League of Legends multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game are excited to see how their stories will continue in future episodes, as well as how other recognizable characters will be incorporated.

Here’s everything you need to know about Season 2 of Arcane, and we’ll keep you informed as new information emerges.

The cast of Season 2 of Arcane

Season one actors will almost probably reprise their roles for season two:

Hailee Steinfeld portrays Vi.

Ella Purnell performs the role of Jinx (formerly known as Powder)

Caitlyn Jenner (Katie Leung)

Who will play Warwick if he is brought to Season 2 is yet unknown, but stay tuned for updates.

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Arcane Season 2: Storyline

The final episode of the first season was highly dramatic and left several plot threads open for the second season. Since Silco was assassinated, Zaun has been without a leader, and it is unclear who could take his position. Vi, who was raised by the late leader of Zaun, Vander, may need to assume power because Jinx, a potential rival, is out of control.

Arcane Season 2

At the conclusion of the episode, Jinx stirred controversy by aiming a rocket launcher at the Council building during a vote on a law to grant Zaun independence.

Her rage could spark a war between Piltover and Zaun, and it is unclear whether any survivors of the explosion will be able to establish that the independence vote was successful. Jinx will also not see her sister Vi in the near future.

Vi desired to repair her relationship with Jinx, but it is difficult to forget that your sibling fired a rocket into a crowded building.

What Should We Anticipate from Future Seasons of Arcane?

Reed Shannon has future season intentions (via CBR). “We require Mel and Ekko to interact. Crazy… Despite the economic imbalance and inequality between the top city and the undercity, the race is never mentioned by the characters in Arcane.

“Therefore, it fascinates me how similar-looking people bond. Or, is everyone simply present? ‘Oh, you may be used…’ Given Ekko’s brilliance, I’d like to hear them converse. Return to Noxus and construct whatever you choose. That would be intriguing.”

“We want to tell more tales,” Linke remarked. There will always be queries regarding a television program or a film. We did not specify that we wanted it to be a television program similar to Arcane. “Okay, these characters are appealing,” we remarked. This will be the story we tell.

“Then we realized we needed the length of a television show to introduce Vi and Jinx, Victor and Jayce, etc. On occasion, a plot may be converted into a motion picture. I believe we have ambitious intentions to tell many more stories. Yes, I believe so.”

Season 2 of Arcane: Release Date

Season 2 of Arcane will be accessible on Netflix, with an episode maybe airing on Twitch. We are all aware that it will not happen soon. According to the official Arcane Twitter account, Season 1 took six years to produce, whereas Season 2 has only been “in development” since November 2021.

Arcane Season 2

With only a brief teaser clip, it has also been revealed that the program will not be launched in 2022; at best, we can anticipate a 2023 release. Season 2 will hopefully premiere in early 2023, but if not, we will patiently wait until December 31, 2023, to watch it.

We do not know what the episodes will be called or when they will be released, but we can assume that they will be released in three-episode batches over three weekends, similar to Season 1.

Trailer for Season 2 of Arcane

We will not see one for some time. We will update this section once a new version is available. However, you may view the Season 1 trailer for Arcane.

Season 2 of Arcane: Teaser

In the meantime, a teaser from Arcane’s crew has fans wondering whether the series is about to become significantly more engaging.

Fans of Arcane claim they can hear the mechanical heartbeat of League of Legends champion Warwick, a part werewolf, a part machine who has no recall of his life before being experimented on in scientist Singed’s laboratory.

Frequent Requested Information

Where Can I Watch Season 1 of Arcane?

The first season of Arcane is now available on Netflix.

How Many Episodes Does Season 1 of Arcane Contain?

Arcane Season 1 features 9 episodes.

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