Junko Furuta: Boys Horribly Abused Junko Furuta!


This is a true story that will break your heart. In 1988, Junko Furuta, a 17-year-old Japanese girl, was kidnapped, raped, tortured horribly for 44 days, and then brutally murdered by four boys in this harrowing account. Following the discovery of her body in a concrete drum, her murder case was dubbed the “concrete-encased high school girl murder case.”

We may have heard of numerous killings, but the murder of Junko Furuta has reached an inconceivable level of brutality. One cannot fathom the agony that Junko endured in her final 44 days of life.

Even more startling and terrible was the fact that four high school students had committed all of these horrible crimes. Four boys are responsible for this horrible crime: Hiroshi Miyano, Nobuharu Minato, Kamisaku Jo, and Yasushi Watanabe.

Junko Furuta – A Japanese Girl Slaughtered Violently

In Japan, Junko Furuta was a 17-year-old student at Saitama Yashio-Minami High School. Like any other typical student, Junko had objectives and dreams that she desired to realize. In addition, she possessed additional positive attributes for which she is liked by her classmates.

She had neither smoking nor drinking habit. She also abstained from narcotics. She was incredibly attractive. Hiroshi Miyano was a boy who liked her.

junko furuta

He presented Junko with her proposition, but Junko immediately rejected it. Hiroshi’s inability to accept her rejection made him enraged, and he resolved to exact revenge on her.

Here Is the Complete Narrative of Junko Furuta

On November 25, 1988, while Junko rode her bicycle home from her part-time job, she was knocked off her bike by a random boy. Miyano approached her as if to assist her. Miyano and his three friends then took Junko in a matter of seconds, before she knew what was occurring.

They brought Junko to a house in Adachi, Tokyo that was owned by the parents of one of the kidnappers. The boys forced Junko to call her parents and inform them that she had run away, was safe, and would be staying with her pals for a bit.

The boys then began the true torment of the young victim. The misery they caused Junko is incomprehensible, even in the worst nightmare. The cruel boys tormented Junko for forty-four days. During this period of 44 days, she was never clothed. She was raped over 500 times by 100 distinct individuals.

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Boys Horribly Abused Junko Furuta!

The boys attempted every horrifying method of tormenting Junko. They severely beat her. Her genitalia was pierced with scissors, bottles, a hot exploding light bulb, roasted chicken skewers, roasting needles, and irons. They burned various portions of her body. They did not hesitate before removing her breasts.

The girl was even compelled to consume bugs and pee. The boys went to extreme lengths to torment and assault Junko. The individuals urinated on her. She was even suspended from the ceiling and used as a punching bag. She was forced to sleep on the balcony during the winter months.

Her abdomen was crushed by the weights. Her suffering had no end. They beat her with golf clubs and iron rods, then placed her in the refrigerator for several hours. They created a number of needle holes in her body.

Even his genitals, clitoris, and eyelids were burned with a cigarette lighter by the nasty males. With pliers, one of her nipples was twisted. Due to the discomfort caused by her numerous injuries, Junko could not even stand. She was required to crawl downstairs in order to use the restroom.

After approximately twenty days of captivity and torture, Junko dialed an emergency hotline to contact the police. Before Junko could even speak, however, she was apprehended by the lads, who disconnected the conversation by taking the phone from her hands.

She was brutally punished afterward by having her legs burned. They put lighter fluid onto her legs and set fire to them. After that, she was unable to walk.

She was unable to breathe because a blood clot had formed in her nostril. She was unable to digest her food due to an internal hemorrhage, which caused her to vomit. The horrible boys even beat her because she vomited on the carpet, making it unclean.

Junko Furuta – Death

After about 30 days, Junko even stopped urinating. Her eardrums were also injured. Junko, unable to endure this torment any longer, pleaded with her mother to murder her and end it all. On the 44th day after her kidnapping, her captors finally disfigured her.

junko furuta

The boys thrashed the mutilated body mercilessly with an iron barbell. Later, lighter fluid was put on her face, stomach, legs, and face, and she was set on fire. This ultimate agony lasted around two hours. And later that day, namely January 4, 1989, Junko passed away.

The saddest aspect of the Junko Furuta case is that the ruthless killers received neither the death penalty nor life imprisonment because they were all under the age of 18.

Miyano was given a twenty-year sentence while the other three lads received sentences of seven years each. All four of the boys may have been released from jail by this time.

People Continue to Recall Junko on Social Media

It has been over three decades since this terrible tragedy that led to Junko Furuta’s death occurred. People continue to remember the girl and include her in their prayers.

The fact that little justice has been served in the terrible murder of Junko Furuta is extremely upsetting. The poor girl must endure excruciating suffering for having done absolutely nothing wrong.

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