Minecraft Best Prison Server: 10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers!


On prison servers, players who invest real money for advancement gain perks. Some of the rewards are modest, such as access to better products and unique mines, among many others.

There are countless Minecraft jail servers to select from, and they all provide lucrative and entertaining experiences. Many of them have innovative features that significantly enhance the gameplay.

However, if you’re unclear about which one to choose, you’ve come to the correct spot; we’ve chosen not just a few, but a total of ten of the greatest Minecraft Prison Servers that you will unquestionably enjoy and should try.

10 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

Let’s begin with the top 10 Minecraft Prison Servers that you should absolutely try.

  1. The IP address of Purple Prison is purpleprison.com.

What’s better than Purple Prison if you’re seeking a fantastic prison server? In Purple Prison, players gain experience by mining, constructing, and trading with other players, among other activities. It’s really elementary, to begin with. The server runs enormous automated PvP events four times every day.

minecraft best prison server

Purple Prison is the gold standard for Prison servers in Minecraft. The extraordinarily well-kept community on the Purple Jail Server is another reason why it is one of the most popular prison servers.

This server has been popular for a very long time, and many notable figures have helped it achieve new heights. You should definitely attempt it.

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2. The IP address for MC Prison is mc.prisonfun.com.

This list would be incomplete without mentioning one of the original jail servers that started it all. “MC Jail” is one of the most well-known and popular prison servers. On this adaptable server, you can perform virtually any prison-related task.

There are guards, prison cells, gangs, and much more throughout the region. Initially, it is pretty intriguing and one of the oldest prisons in existence.

3. The IP Address of JailsMC is play.jailsmc.net.

An excellent OP-Prison server with no bugs or lag and a great staff. This server is completely innovative; there are so many intriguing things to discover. On this map, even strong players will discover fresh and exciting things to accomplish.

A number of intriguing enchantments are available on the server, including explosive pickaxes, lightning pickaxes, and a pickaxe that can produce hostile mobs on foes.

4. The IP address for OP Blocks is play.opblocks.com.

It may sound unusual at first, but OP Blocks is a Minecraft prison made entirely of sugar. However, trust us when we say it’s kind of cool. As you advance in rank, a fresh and colorful candy-themed mine will be unlocked.

Nothing is out of the ordinary because everything goes quite nicely. This is the right server for you if you’re seeking something novel and intriguing. Numerous users have appreciated it, and you may as well.

5. IP Address of Pluteria: play.pluteria.com

Pluteria is yet another incredible prison server that we have in store for you; you should give it a shot. It’s a great server with a multitude of entertaining features that will keep you engaged for hours, such as. Pluteria is a prison in Minecraft with a twist.

In this space-themed game, players can progress through ten separate tiers, unlocking planets along the way. On planets, players will spend the majority of their time mining resources to sell for currency. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

6. IP Address of MineSuperior: minesuperior.com

MineSuperior is a network that belongs to the generation of the future. Designed with consideration for the players. Continually, new concepts are being added.

It was intended to be as transparent as possible. It has proven to be a popular server when it comes to prison-themed games.

7. PikaNetwork IP Address: play.pika-network.net

minecraft best prison server

This is the server to join if you’re a new player wishing to test out some of the greatest prison servers. PikaNetwork will never leave you bored, as fresh material and stuff are uploaded frequently. On this server, minigames and events are also available.

8. MineVille IP Address: server.mineville.org

This server is highly recommended, as it receives frequent updates and has an extremely active fan base. This server offers customizable enchantments, player levels, crates & chests, jobs, races, and even weddings.

9. The IP address of Minecraft Central is mccentral.org.

Minecraft Central is a server that takes pleasure in regularly updating its material. Additionally, it launches new seasons frequently. It is recommended that you give this server a try due to its tailored content and vote awards.

10. The IP Address of TritonPVP is play.tritonpvp.net.

TritonPVP provides the greatest possible Skyblock experience. Unique server with adjustable islands, quests, visual borders, and GUI store.

That was the conclusion. Try out and become intrigued by some of the top Minecraft Prison Servers. You could share your experience in the section for comments that follows. And if you have a preferred prison server that works well for you, please share it with us and the rest of the community.

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