Best Pokemon: Tom Bowen’s 2022 Update! 

Few Pokemon can even come close to competing with the series’ numerous Legendary Pokemon in terms of sheer power and stunning basic stat totals.

The likes of Charizard and Pikachu may lead the pack when it comes to the most popular Pokemon in the series, but when it comes to the most strong, they rank fairly low on the list. It is instead dominated by the series’ numerous Legendary Pokemon, who more than live up to their moniker in terms of strength.

Legendary Pokemon, who was first featured in Pokemon Red & Blue, is the best of the best. There are a few non-Legendary Pokemon that come close, but in a match of pure statistics, they just cannot compete. Aside from Mega Evolutions and other non-permanent transformations, “Legendary” normally refers to the strongest and most powerful Pokemon.

Tom Bowen’s 5 February 2022 Update

Both the Diamond & Pearl remakes and Legends: Arceus were released within a relatively short period of time, making the past few months a particularly exciting moment for Pokemon aficionados.

best pokemon

Moreover, these games all featured a respectable number of Legendary Pokemon, with the latter game comprising 14 and the former two games containing an incredible 26. Even a brand-new Legendary Pokemon was added, as well as new forms for a few of the old ones, making some of the toughest Pokemon in the series even stronger than before.

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Yveltal (680)

Prior to the appearance of Galarian Moltres in generation eight, Yveltal was the sole Dark-type Legendary in the series, which made it extremely helpful in certain scenarios. Despite this additional rivalry, it is still an outstanding Pokémon, as Yveltal’s initial stat total is 100 more than that of Dark/Flying-type rival Yveltal.

All six of Yveltal’s essential stats surpass those of Galarian Moltres, with its Attack and Special Attack of 131 being particularly remarkable. Darkrai, being a pure Dark-type and much faster than Yveltal, might sometimes be more effective than Yveltal, but Yveltal is usually the greatest Dark-type Pokémon to have.

Reshiram (680)

There are a large number of Dragon-type Legendary Pokémon currently, but when Reshiram was introduced in generation 5, there was far less competition.

Despite the passage of more than a decade, Reshiram still has one of the greatest designs in the Pokemon franchise and is the only Dragon/Fire-type Legendary to date.

Reshiram’s Special Attack stat of 150 is by far its most amazing quality, yet it is equally strong in every other respect. It grows increasingly stronger when fused with Kyurem, but even on its alone, it should be more than a match for the vast majority of other Pokémon.

Solgaleo (680)

Solgaleo was first introduced in the Generation 7 games. It is a legendary Psychic/Steel Pokémon with excellent Attack and Special Attack stats.

Solgaleo may combine with Necrozma, however, the resulting Dusk Mane Necrozma has the same 680 base stat total as Solgaleo’s unfused form, demonstrating just how powerful it is is and fellow Generation 7 mascot Lunala are.

Though some may favour Necrozma for its added versatility or Lunala for its Special Attack-focused numbers, Solgaleo is often regarded as the greatest of the three Pokémon due to its superb moveset and numerous resistances and immunities. Ultimately, however, whether of them is the finest will depend on which type players require at any particular time.

Zekrom (680)

Like Reshiram, Zekrom possesses one of the most memorable appearances in the series, with its all-black appearance making it a Pokémon that is extremely impossible to forget. It has a total of 680 base stat points, 150 of which are allocated to its Attack stat. When fused with Kyurem, this increases to 170 monstrous points.

best pokemon

Due to the fact that both of Zekrom’s regular form’s defensive numbers are at least 100, it is able to withstand a great deal of damage while still giving out significant damage with moves like Outrage. As a result, even in its unfused state, it ranks among the most powerful Pokémon of all time.

Xerneas (680)

As a relatively new addition to the franchise, there are not nearly as many Pokemon of the Fairy kind as there are of the other 17 varieties. This is also true for Legendary Pokemon, as only a handful have been introduced during the course of the first eight generations. Xerneas was the first of these creatures.

Xerneas was one of the mascots for Pokemon X and Y and had a prominent role in 2021’s New Pokemon Snap. Like the majority of other legendary Pokémon, it excels in offence rather than defence, with Attack and Special Attack values of 131.

The fact that it is a pure Fairy-type renders it fully resistant to Dragon-type attacks, which, given how many powerful Dragon-type Pokemon there are nowadays, can make it a vital addition to any trainer’s squad.

Palkia (680)

Palkia’s dual-type can be a double-edged sword at times, yet it ranks among the best in both the water-type and dragon-type classes. Its 680 stats are rather evenly spread, but it leans slightly more towards special attacks than physical ones. This holds true especially when Palkia is in its Origin Form.

This bodes well for Palkia’s owners, as its special attack-based moves are insanely potent. Its best moves are likely Draco Meteor and Hydro Pump, but moves like Power Gem and Earth Power can also provide considerable damage to the rock and ground types.

Dialga (680)

Dialga, like its fellow legendary Pokémon of Generation 4, has two kinds. In addition to being a dragon-type Pokémon, it also has access to Steel-type attacks and is once again a class leader for both types.

If the Pokemon ever receives a Mega Evolution or a primal form like it did in Mystery Dungeon, it would be among the most powerful Pokemon in the franchise. As with Palkia, Dialga loves special attack-based moves and possesses an abundance of damaging ones.

The roar of Time is particularly lethal when hitting a vulnerability, as are several of its Steel-type moves, such as Flash Cannon. The Origin Forme that it obtains access to in Pokemon Legends: Arceus makes it even more powerful.

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