Isabella Guzman: Why Did Isabella Stabbingly Attack Her Mother?


Isabella Guzman hails from Colorado. She was sentenced to prison in 2013 for stabbing her mother 150 times. At the time, she was only 18 years of age. Recently, her video went viral on TikTok, attracting many people’s attention.

There were even many who believed she was innocent and should be exonerated. Many became fans of her ‘beautiful face’ and ‘attractive appearance.’

Why Did Isabella Stabbingly Attack Her Mother?

The first time Isabella made headlines, she was accused of stabbing her mother 79 times. Despite the fact that additional evaluation revealed that the victim had more than 151 wounds on her body in total.

Investigators discovered that Isabella differed from other children her age. She never smiled, wanted to play, or desired family time.

isabella guzman

It was discovered that she had always despised and even detested her mother. Isabella’s parents were poor and unable to provide her with many of the things she desired as a child. This would result in family conflict.

However, Isabella’s parents hoped that as she grew older, she would have a greater appreciation for their financial situation. Isabella began living with her mother following her father’s departure. The situation deteriorated when her mother began dating Richard.

Isabella disliked seeing her father replaced, which led to increased stress and conflict. Isabella was discovered to have threatened her mother and vowed to “make her pay” for the way “she had been abused.” Isabella’s mother and boyfriend reported the threats to the police out of fear that she would carry them out.

After a disagreement, one evening, Isabella’s father attempted to reason with her. Richard heard Isabella’s mother screaming from the upstairs bathroom on that day. As he rushed to assist her, the door was shut from within. As he stood there, he heard Isabella repeatedly stab his partner.

Isabella stabbed her mother in the face, neck, and chest, according to the authorities. Isabella disappeared from the crime scene, but undercover officers quickly apprehended her.

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Did Isabella Have Schizophrenia?

Isabella disclosed to the investigating authorities that she heard voices within her that instructed her to take action. This is typically one of the most noticeable signs of Schizophrenia. She stated that the voices instructed her to murder her mother in order to save the planet.

She was diagnosed with Schizophrenia by a physician who testified at the Arapahoe County Court. She has been battling with significant levels of schizophrenic ideas for many years, according to the psychiatrist. On the basis of her testimony, she was ruled not guilty due to insanity. She was taken to the Mental Health Institute in Pueblo at the age of 18.

Is Isabella Now Suitable for Freedom?

Isabella has resided in the Mental Health Facility for nearly seven years, but as of the year 2020, she desires to leave and rejoin society. Isabella stated in an interview with CBS4 done by computer webcam in the facility, “I was not myself when I did that, and I have since regained my full health.”

During the interview, she also discussed her past and family. She stated, “My relatives molested me for many years at home.” “My parents are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I left the faith when I was 14; the abuse at home has gotten worse since then.”

She stated on the occurrence, “If I could change anything or take it back, I would.” Isabella asserted that she was not herself at the time and that her health has since been fully restored.

Why Did Isabella’s Video Suddenly Go Viral?

There is a trend on Instagram where videos of young alleged criminals and killers are displayed over popular songs, provoking curiosity about their cases. This user-submitted a video of Isabella entering the courtroom, sitting down, smiling at the camera, and then frowning as she looked at it.

This video clip gained millions of views after becoming viral. But such videos of accused criminals have gone popular before. One such footage of a ‘handsome’ 21-year-old went viral in which he was sentenced to 24 years in prison for driving his speeding Ford Mustang into a mother and child.

The mother and daughter both passed away. Herrin, a little youngster, was reportedly racing his pal at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour. The victim’s family desired a heavier sentence, but the judge opted for 24 years in prison instead.

The expression Herrin wore upon hearing the verdict became popular on social media, especially Tiktok.

isabella guzman

In all of these clips, the offender or criminal has aesthetically beautiful characteristics and an aura of mystery, which piques the interest of everyone, particularly Generation Z children. While this type of focus can have detrimental effects on people, it also has positive aspects.

After 10 Years in Prison for Miscarriage, a Woman Is Released

Not too long ago, a tale of a lady who was incarcerated for supposedly having an abortion went popular on social media. Elsy, a 28-year-old housekeeper, and mother, had a miscarriage, but instead of receiving assistance, she was put in jail for supposedly having an abortion.

She was convicted of aggravated murder. El Salvador released Elsy and three other women imprisoned for similar reasons following recent backlash.

While it is intriguing to watch these films and attempt to interpret their behavior and intent, it is essential to remember that these are actual people. A few decades ago, it was not possible to reach out and obtain knowledge about certain topics, but social media has made this possible.

It is vital that we do not become engrossed in social media, but it is encouraging to observe its positive applications. Although it is essential to keep in mind that just because someone seems too innocent and adorable does not mean they are incapable of doing horrific actions.

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