Most Conservative Countries: The World’s Most Conservative Nations as of 2022


In this 21st century of technology-driven innovation, there are still a few countries that have chosen to adhere to their distinct traditional standards. We shall explore these nations in today’s essay.

Measuring the conservatism of a nation is difficult due to the fact that each nation has unique characteristics and situations.

Various social progress index measures, such as press freedom, religious tolerance, education access for all, gender gap, social progress index, etc., can unquestionably serve as a barometer to identify the most socially conservative nations.

The World’s Most Conservative Nations as of 2022

The international community labels as conservative a number of nations. Is being labelled as conventional a detriment? Let us comprehend the nature of conservatism!

Generally, a conservative is someone who opposes divorce, same-sex marriage, abortion, and other contentious subjects.

most conservative countries

He or she is resistant to alteration. Conservatism can be defined as the advocacy for a nation’s traditional and social institutions. Let us now examine the list of the world’s 10 most conservative nations as of 2022.

1. Yemen

Yemen, also known as the Republic of Yemen, is situated near the southernmost tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Yemen’s neighbours include Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Approximately thirty million Arabic-speaking Yemenis inhabit the country. Yemen ranks first among the world’s most conservative nations. The fundamental reason for this is that Yemen’s inhabitants have inferior personal rights and most of its institutions are rife with corruption.

The majority of rural Yemenis do not have access to a basic healthcare system due to the poor quality of healthcare services. Numerous civilians have been killed as a result of armed combat between the government and the Houthi tribe, creating the world’s largest humanitarian disaster.

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2. Mali

Mali is located in the Saharan area of western Africa. Mali is the eighth-largest country in Africa, with a population of 20 million, of which 68% live in rural areas.

Mali is second on the list of the most conservative nations in the world. This African nation has one of the lowest scores on the social progress index because its citizens lack access to a decent education.

Access to advanced education ranks among the lowest on the Social Progress Index for the African nation. Mali is dominated by Muslims, and women have been disadvantaged in the country’s extremely patriarchal culture.

According to the United Nations Development Programme, the gender disparity index ranks Mali 157th out of 160 countries.

3. Iran

Iran is located in Western Asia and is home to 84 million people. Approximately 61% of Iran’s population is Persian. The Iranian culture is one of the oldest, dating back to 400 B.C., and the majority of Iranians are Shia Muslims. Iran is third on the list of the most conservative nations in the world.

The Gender Gap Report produced by the World Economic Forum ranks Iran last. There is no journalistic freedom in Iran, and anyone advocating for reform has either been imprisoned or the press has been shut down.

4. Pakistan

Pakistan comes fourth with a population of 221 million, of which 97% are Muslims. Pakistan is one of the countries with the greatest Muslim population in the world.

Due to its severe religious views, women are exposed to inhumane treatment by their spouses and experience discrimination in health, education, and political representation, limiting their professional advancement opportunities.

5. Chad

Chad is a north-central African country with a population of 16 million. The majority of Chadians speak Arabic and French. The inhabitants of Chad lack access to basic utilities such as clean water and sanitation.

Homosexuality is a crime in Chad due to the country’s intolerance of the LGBTQ population. As a result of the Chadian government’s extensive promotion of culture and traditional values, the country’s political condition is equally dire. Chad is regarded as one of the world’s most conservative nations.

6. Egypt

Egypt looks to be ranked sixth on the list of the world’s most conservative nations, despite its tremendous natural resources and wealth. Arabic is spoken by 104 million of Egypt’s population.

Egypt ranks poorly on personal equity and is governed by the military, which has a significant impact on Egyptians’ political and economic lives.

7. Saudi Arabia

Even though Saudi Arabia is a wealthy nation due to its vast crude oil reserves, it is infamous for its archaic regulations on women, such as requiring women to be escorted by a male guardian who can be a father, spouse, brother, or occasionally even a son.

It is sixth on the list of the most conservative nations, with a population of 35 million Arabic-speaking people. Saudi Arabia, a kingdom governed by an absolute monarchy, has a dismal record on human rights and discriminates against religious minorities.

Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, crown prince of Saudi Arabia, intends to diversify and privatise Saudi Arabia’s economy. He is doing his best to rebrand the worldwide and internal image of his administration.

8. Lebanon

Lebanon is renowned for its diverse cuisine and rich archaeological legacy, and its government combines religion and politics by law.

most conservative countries

Due to military war with Israel and Syria, Lebanon has endured thirty years of extreme instability. In accordance with the Gender Gap study, Lebanon ranks 135th.

9. Eswatini

Eswatini, sometimes known as the Kingdom of Eswatini, is a landlocked country with various issues, including the lowest life expectancy in the world. This is the fundamental cause of the country’s poor economic progress.

Despite having natural resources such as quarry stones, tiny diamonds, and gold deposits, 69 per cent of the population of Eswatini lives below the poverty line. Eswatini’s government is an absolute monarchy with a lower-middle-income economy. The majority of females here lack access to a proper education.

10. Ethiopia

Ethiopia, with a population of 117 million, is one of the most populated countries in Africa and uses a different calendar from the rest of the globe.

Ethiopia has a low ranking on the Gender Gap Report. Because the majority of media and internet service providers are state-owned, there are restrictions on what individuals can access.

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