Is Tanuj Virwani Dating Jennifer? Tanuj Virwani Responds to the Rumours!


Jennifer Winget, one of the most famous actresses working in television, has been speculated to have romantic relationships with a number of the actors with whom she has worked.

Is Tanuj Virwani Dating Jennifer Winget?

In the past, it was said that the actress is in a relationship with her close friend Sehban Azmi, and for some time now, it has been said that she is in a relationship with her colleague Tanuj Virwani, who is also an actor.

In the popular online series are known as Code M, Jennifer and Tanuj appeared together at least once. The two became quick friends and have been seen going out to various events together quite frequently ever then.

Tanuj addressed these rumours and the video that was believed to have started the dating rumours between him and Jennifer while he was a guest on a talk programme. He also discussed the video.

is Tanuj Virwani dating jennifer?

Tanuj Virwani, in response to the same, dispelled the rumours by stating unequivocally that the two of them are not dating. He stated, “It’s just that we are extremely, extremely close friends.

And the video in question that you bring up was simply recorded at random on Valentine’s Day when the two of us were together at an event that we both attended. She really is incredible in every way. She is my favourite female co-star by a wide margin.

Tanuj is currently feeling quite confident as a result of the success of his most recent project, Cartel. Tanuj frequently catches people’s attention with his great performances, and this is in addition to the fact that he has been making news due to his relationship with Winget.

The actor, who is now working on a number of exciting projects, recognises that he is really fortunate to have such a steady stream of work available to him despite the pandemic.

Tanuj said this in an interview with Etimes: “I consider myself to be really fortunate and grateful because regardless of what is going on in the globe and in our country because of the epidemic, work has been steady.

More importantly, good quality work; is the best feeling in the world when you are on a set that makes you happy, gives you creative joy, and you know that you are producing something unique and, hopefully, others will resonate with it.

It is the best feeling in the world. And what I’ve realised as a result of all that’s transpired is that the majority of the time, we tend to take the numerous things and people that surround us for granted.

I really think that the lockdown that has lasted for one and a half years has helped put a lot of things in perspective: valuing people, things, and moments; it’s not always about the big picture, and sometimes it’s the little things that count the most.”

Winget made his debut in the digital medium with the series Code M, which was produced by Alt Balaji. She was seen acting in a role as a lawyer for the army. Tanuj, on the other hand, was cast in the series to portray the part of her ex-boyfriend as well as her rival.

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Tanuj Virwani Responds to the Rumours That He Is in a Relationship With Jennifer Winget and Reveals the Truth About the Valentine’s Day Video

Recently, actor Tanuj Virwani addressed rumours that he and his co-star on “Code M,” Jennifer Winget, are romantically involved.

Jennifer has been referred to as “wonderful” by Tanuj, who can currently be seen in the web series “Cartel.” Tanuj also referred to Jennifer as his “favourite female co-star.” Tanuj stated while appearing on Zoom’s By Invite Only, that the two of them are not dating at this time.

is Tanuj Virwani dating jennifer?

Tanuj was questioned further over a video that was taken of them during a press conference the previous year, in which they were frequently questioned regarding their equation.

In his response to the same question, the actor stated that the video was captured coincidentally on Valentine’s Day while they were both in attendance at the same event.

Jennifer made her first appearance in the digital medium in the web series ‘Code M,’ which debuted on ALTBalaji and Zee5 and featured her in the role of an Army lawyer. Tanuj, on the other hand, took on the role of her former boyfriend as well as her rival.

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