Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Police: Jennifer Lopez Reportedly “Nearly Called Off the Wedding”?


Actually, a Love Story…Twice! Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who dated nearly two decades ago, just announced that they are engaged for a second time.

Jennifer Lopez, an actress, and singer, and Ben Affleck, an actor, have rekindled their engagement. Pop icon Jennifer Lopez broke the news in a brief video message posted to her subscriber newsletter titled “On The JLO.”

There Are Rumors That Jennifer Lopez Is Angry With Ben Affleck

Have allegations that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met on a dating app destroyed their post-engagement happiness?

jennifer lopez and ben affleck police

According to one tabloid, the pair appeared to be uneasy during a recent outing. Let’s see how things are going with the influential pair.

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Jennifer Lopez Reportedly “Nearly Called Off the Wedding”?

According to an article that was published in this week’s issue of New Idea, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez appeared “unusually tense” as they headed out for lunch one week ago.

According to the inside sources cited by the tabloid, Affleck and Lopez came very close to “calling off the wedding” as a result of the scandalous dating app claims that emerged not too long ago.

Emma Hernan, who plays Selling Sunset in the show Selling Sunset, has disclosed that she and Ben Affleck had a brief romance on the exclusive dating app Raya.

Naturally, Raya did not waste any time in establishing that Affleck had not been an active user for many years. And not long after that, Hernan made it clear that the incident in question occurred in the year 2019, well in advance of Affleck and Lopez picking up where they left off romantically.

Nevertheless, it appears that Lopez’s trust was violated in some way. A source has revealed that “Jen was severely triggered by this,” and they mean it.

The gossip magazine continues by recounting all of the cheating suspicions that have followed Affleck throughout his previous relationships, stating that if he were to cheat on Lopez, it would be the end of their relationship once and for all.

The insider lets in that “Jen’s gone rough it with many of her exes,” which is an interesting revelation.

“She has absolutely no patience for liars and cheaters.” And despite the fact that it was determined that Affleck had not engaged in any improper behavior, he is still making efforts to restore their relationship to how it was.

The informant murmurs, “It’s imparted a dull luster to their relationship through no fault of his own,” which is an interesting take on the situation. On the other hand, he has the hope that it will fortify them.

Is Jennifer Lopez “Furious” About the Cheating Rumors?

Because of this massive misunderstanding, we have no reason to believe that it had any effect at all on the connection that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez share.

Even if the accusations of adultery are likely to attract the attention of the tabloids as soon as they catch a whiff of them, even this rag has to confess that there was never a true story here.

When Affleck was still unmarried three years ago, he messaged a woman on a dating app, and that woman decided to bring it up on a reality show last month.

This whole thing amounted to nothing more than airing the dirty laundry of someone’s romantic life on TV, which is something that no one especially loves having done to them.

Regarding the “tense” outing that the couple had, it’s possible that the presence of the camera on their faces contributed in some way to the expressions they gave.

It is quite evident that Affleck and Lopez did not want to be shot because there are further photographs taken on the same outing that show them looking directly at the camera with annoyance. On the other hand, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck may be seen smiling in a few of the more candid images.

jennifer lopez and ben affleck police

By selectively displaying the photographs that gave the impression of supporting the otherwise flimsy narrative, the news organization was obviously attempting to deceive its audience.

The Magazine Article About Ben Affleck

The reporting that New Idea has done on Ben Affleck should be taken with a large grain of salt, as we have learned. A similar allegation was released by the outlet in the fall of 2017, saying that Affleck and Lopez were captured on camera engaging in a “heated debate.”

The article continued, claiming that Affleck was incensed by the news that his ex-wife Jennifer Garner had become engaged. Warning: she wasn’t even involved in a relationship.

Moreover, the news source said not too long ago that Garner and Affleck were observed engaging in a “heated dispute.” It should come as no surprise that New Idea is not a reliable source of information regarding Ben Affleck or the structure of arguments.

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