1899 Netflix Release Date: What Is the Plot of 1899?


1899 is an international horror series that can be seen streaming on Netflix. It takes place on a migrant ship in the 19th century that is traveling to New York.

Fans of the popular spooky German series Dark will enjoy the new series 1899, which can be found streaming on Netflix. Dark centered on the search for children who had gone missing in a sleepy village with a dark history.

1899 is a multilingual series that was produced by the same people that were responsible for Dark. In this series, the characters will speak in a language that is native to their country.

This eight-part drama takes place in the year 1899, the same year as Dark, but instead of taking place in a haunted mansion, it takes place aboard a migrant steamer sailing from London to New York with a diverse group of European passengers.

As is their custom, the show’s creators, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar are putting their own spin on things by giving all of the performers the opportunity to communicate in their mother tongues throughout filming.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that the characters may have problems connecting with one another, they share one thing in common: their idealized depictions of the United States of America quickly deteriorate into terrifying nightmares.

The creators of the show 1899, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, have stated that the prospect of creating a really European production with a varied cast of actors from a variety of nations is what initially attracted them to the idea.

The question of what brings us together and what separates us lies at the center of this issue. And the ways in which fear might act as a catalyst for the latter.”

1899 Release Date

1899 is broken up into eight episodes, each lasting one hour, with the pilot episode titled “The Ship.”

1899 netflix release date

Although there is no official release date as of yet, our best bet is that it will drop somewhere in October or November. The show is scheduled to make its debut on Netflix during the winter of 2022.

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1899 Cast

1899 features an outstanding cast from all over the world. Emily Beecham, known for her roles in Cruella and The Pursuit of Love, will play Maura Franklin, and Andreas Pietschmann, known for his work in Dark, will play Eyk Larsen.

  • Pietschmann previously portrayed an earlier version of Jonas.
  • Anton Lesser (Pirates of the Caribbean),
  • Aneurin Barnard (The Pact, Dunkirk),
  • Alexandre Willaume,
  • Lucas Lynggaard Tnnesen,
  • Mathilde Ollivier,
  • Miguel Bernardeau,
  • Richard Hope,
  • Clara Roger,
  • Jonas Bloquet will also be appearing alongside them.

What Is the Plot of 1899?

1899 follows a multiethnic group of immigrants as they make their way from London to New York in search of a fresh start. Their anticipation for the new century and their yearning for a better life in another country bring them together.

1899 netflix release date

Despite this, everyone is carrying something that they are doing their best to keep a secret. But as soon as they set sail, they come across another migrant ship that has been lost at sea for several months, stranded in the middle of the ocean.

What they discover on board irrevocably alters their lives, and it also begins to unravel a complex network of secrets.

1899 on Netflix

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