Resident Evil Unleashed: When Is the Release Date for Resident Evil Unleashed?


Fans of the zombie franchise Resident Evil are now having a great time. Not only has Resident Evil: Village, the eighth major installment in the video game series, been a huge success, but there is now a new film reboot, Resident Evil: Regeneration.

Welcome to Raccoon City, where two new television series are under development. In addition to the Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness anime adaptation, a live-action adaptation is in development.

Here is everything we currently know about the latter, which is solely known as Resident Evil.

Who Are the Resident Evil Unleashed Cast Members?

Lance Reddick will portray Wesker, who has appeared in every Resident Evil game since Resident Evil 2: Nemesis. Reddick has previously been on Fringe and John Wick.

Resident Evil unleashed

Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph, and Paola Nuez will join Reddick. Additionally, we have precise knowledge regarding the production’s leader. Andrew Dabb is the show’s director.

Additionally, he was in charge of Supernatural. Dabb stated in a statement, “My all-time favorite game is Resident Evil.” I’m very happy to deliver a new chapter of this incredible tale and make the first-ever Resident Evil series available to Netflix users worldwide.

For every type of Resident Evil fan, even those joining us for the first time, the series will conclude with a large number of familiar faces and some (bloodthirsty, bizarre) new additions.

Bronwen Hughes, director of The Walking Dead and The Journey Is the Destination, will be in charge of the first two episodes. The show is produced by Constantin Film, and the studio’s CEO, Martin Moszkowicz, is identified as the producer.

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What Is the Plot of Resident Evil: Unleashed?

The new drama will be set in two different historical eras and will follow the exploits of the two Wesker children. Netflix made an official declaration about the following narrative arcs:

In the first timeline, fourteen-year-old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker are transported to New Raccoon City. They were forced into a created, corporate community during their teens.

The longer they remain, however, the more they realize that there is more to the village than meets the eye and that their father may be concealing dangerous secrets. “Secrets have the capacity to harm the globe”

In the second timeline, much over a decade from now, the world’s population has decreased to less than fifteen million people. And more than six billion monsters — infected humans and animals with the T-virus.

Now thirty years old, Jade struggles to survive in the New World while her past mysteries regarding her sister, father, and herself continue to haunt her.

Resident Evil unleashed

Albert Wesker, the recurring antagonist of the Resident Evil series who has existed in the universe since the first game, is their father. We do not know what happens to Billie along the route, but we do know that teeth and mutation will be present.

When Is the Release Date for Resident Evil: Unleashed?

According to Netflix, the Resident Evil series will air on July 14, 2022. Using the Netflix binge strategy, all episodes should be available on this date.

Netflix announced the Resident Evil series would premiere in the summer of 2020, but due to delays caused by Covid, production did not begin until much later than anticipated. According to What’s On Netflix, the launch of the show will occur in February 2021.

Resident Evil: Unleashed: Trailer

There are a lot of short trailers for the new Resident Evil series. The first official teaser opens in modern-day New Racoon City before moving to London in the year 2036, where the situation appears to be far worse.

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