Pique-Shakira Net Worth 2022: Allegations of Pique’s Dishonesty!


Piqué, a footballer for Barcelona, and Shakira, a Colombian singer, are reportedly divorcing. Shakira started last Saturday, in a statement provided by her representatives and published by the Spanish news agency EFE, that she and Piqué have decided to divorce after more than a decade of marriage.

There is a rumor that Piqué has been unfaithful, although accusations that Gavi’s mother was involved are false.

Gerard Piqué’s Money Pales in Comparison to Shakira’s

No one would disagree that Gerard Piqué is doing well financially, but the reality is that his wealth pales in comparison to what his wife has amassed over the course of her lengthy, chart-topping, crowd-pleasing career.

Pique-Shakira net worth

Shakira is earning a surprising amount of money due to the success of her songs “Whenever, Wherever” and “Hips Don’t Lie.” To be precise, she has somewhere about $300 million. Not bad for someone who performed at the 2020 Super Bowl for free.

Therefore, a simple calculation reveals that Shakira and Piqué are collectively worth at least $340 million.

If the soccer player’s statement to La Resistencia (via Hola!) was referring to his fortune alone, this figure might be significantly greater. Nevertheless, it is safe to conclude that these two individuals are living pretty comfortably.

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What Characteristics Do Shakira and Pique Share?

The pair purchased a 4.5 million euro home in Esplugues de Llobregat in 2012. Later, in 2015, they purchased another residence near Camp Nou for approximately five million euros. These are the only two properties remaining to be divided.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shakira’s fortune is over 300 million euros, whereas Pique’s is approximately 80 million euros.

How Much Do the Two Items Cost?

Shakira is worth an astounding $300 million, whereas Piqué is worth only $80 million. The couple owns a property in the upscale Pedralbes neighborhood of Barcelona that is valued at €5 million and features extensive private gardens.

Piqué has acquired two Spanish football clubs through his investment firm Kosmos Holdings: FC Andorra and Gimnàstic Manresa. Both clubs speak Catalan, but FC Andorra is founded in the micronation of Andorra, which is located between France and Spain.

Shakira’s Miami property is valued at $11.6 million and spans 20,740 square feet. The pair had resided together in Barcelona, however, it has been reported that Piqué now resides alone in a smaller apartment closer to the city center. Shakira is also being investigated for tax fraud by the Spanish authorities.

Shakira and Pique’s Properties

Due to the fact that they are unmarried, these stats will not be changed beforehand. Also not at risk are the assets that Shakira and Pique acquired prior to their union.

The Colombian singer owns a property in Miami valued at almost 13 million euros, while the player has a three-story home in the heart of Barcelona worth 4.5 million euros.

Specialized Attorneys Assuming Control

The primary issue is the capital or possessions that both parties have gained during their partnership since they will need to determine how to divide them.

In addition, they will need to determine who will get custody of their two children, Sasha and Milan. According to Informalia, the two have already enlisted the services of specialized attorneys to commence the necessary paperwork.

Children of Shakira and Gerard Pique

Shakira met Pique just before the 2010 FIFA World Cup during the filming of a music video in which Pique appeared. “Wake Wake” (This Time for Africa) by Shakira was the official song of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

They’ve been dating since 2011 and have remained solid since then. However, it should be noted that they are not yet married. However, they are parents to two sons.

Pique-Shakira net worth

Milan Pique Mebarak was born in 2013 and Sasha Pique Mebarak was born in 2015. Shakira and Pique share the same birthday but are separated by ten years.

Allegations of Pique’s Dishonesty

In the first week of July 2022, it became public knowledge that Gerard Pique had cheated on Shakira with another lady and was living alone, away from his family, in a flat. Some rumors stated that the woman in question was the mother of Gavi, a teammate of Barcelona.

At this time, however, this is only supposition and nothing has been proven. A breakup between the two looks inevitable, and it is unlikely that they will continue their relationship after this low point.


What Day Did Shakira and Gerard Pique Marry?

They have not wed. But have been together for the past eleven years.

What Is Shakira Now Doing?

Shakira is a famous belly dancer and vocalist.

What Is Shakira’s Age?

Shakira’s age is 44 years

Shakira Is an American Citizen, Right?

No, Shakira is not Venezuelan

What Is Her Net Worth of Shakira?

Shakira has an estimated net worth of $350 million.

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