Lori Greiner Net Worth: Is The “Queen of QVC” Rich?

Lori Greiner Net Worth: Lori Greiner is an inventor and entrepreneur.

She’s a Shark Tank and Beyond the Tank investor.

Since Clever & Unique Creations’ 2000 debut, she’s been called the “Queen of QVC.”

  1. Born: December 9, 1969 (age 52 years), Chicago, IL
  2. Spouse: Dan Greiner (m. 2010)
  3. Education: Loyola University Chicago
  4. Books: Invent It, Sell It, Bank It! Make Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality

Lori Greiner Early Life

Lori Greiner was born in Chicago, Illinois, on December 9, 1969.

Lori Greiner Net Worth

  • She was born and raised on Chicago’s Near North Side, the second daughter of a real estate developer and a psychologist.
  • When she was eight years old, her parents split. Loyola University Chicago awarded her a B.A. in communications with a concentration in journalism.
  • While in college, she worked for the Chicago Tribune. She wanted to be a playwright at first. She specialized in costume jewelry and sold it.
  • Loyola University Chicago’s Greiner studied journalism, communications, TV, and cinema.

She was a dramatist and jewelry designer.

Lori Greiner Career

Lori Greiner created a plastic organizer in the mid-1990s that could hold up to 100 pairs of earrings.

Lori Greiner Net Worth

  • J. C. Penney picked up her earring organizer just in time for the holiday season, and it was a great hit.
  • Greiner signed an agreement to design products for JC Penney in her first six months of operation.
  • She started selling her items on cable television within a year, and during her first appearance, she sold 2,500 earring organizers in just two minutes.
  • When her earring organizer launched on the Home Shopping Network, it made over $1 million in less than a year and sold out almost immediately.
  • Her earring organizer’s sales allowed her to pay off the $300,000 loan she took out to make it in just 18 months.
  • Greiner’s company had made over $10 million in revenue in just three years. Greiner’s For Your Ease Only brand had built up over $350 million in sales by 2010.
  • It’s Shark Tank’s 11th season, and it’s won four Primetime Emmy Awards for the Outstanding Structured Reality Program.
  • Additionally, Lori has been hired as a paid speaker by several well-known corporations such as IBM, Coldwell Banker, Adobe, and the American Heart Association, to mention a few.
  • Greiner joined Shark Tank in 2012. Two years later, her investment in Scrub Daddy, which makes a texture-changing sponge, was a hit. 2014: 2 million on QVC.
  • Scrub Daddy quit in 2016 as “the largest success story in Shark Tank history”
  • Squatty Potty, Readers, Paint Brush Cover, Hold Your Haunches, Drop-Stop, FiberFix, Simply Fit Board, and Screened were also investments.
  • Greiner’s Simply Fit Board, Scrub Daddy, and Sleep Styler were Shark Tank hits in 2012.
  • Greiner authored the blockbuster Invent it, Sell it, Bank it! in 2014.
  • Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec, and Daymond John are also on Shark Tank.

Lori Greiner has $150 million in June 2022.

Lori Greiner Personal Life

Dan married Lori Greiner. They met in 1996 at Kincaid’s in Chicago’s Lincoln Park but didn’t start dating until 2000.

Lori Greiner Net Worth

  • Before joining Lori’s in 1999, he was an assistant controller. 2010: Lori and Dan wed. His wife’s company’s CFO.
  • “The Queen of QVC” is Lori Greiner.
  • Night owl Lori. She goes to bed at 2 am because she’s awake. Exercise puts her to sleep before night. She watches Empire, House of Cards, and Bloodline on the treadmill.
  • Lori collaborated with Charitybuzz to raise $126,000 for The Trevor Project, Kind Campaign, CASA for children, and Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.
  • She donates to the Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity.
  • Greiner has invented 500 products and holds 120 patents.
  • It’s no surprise she’s mastered brand building.
  • Greiner sells so well on TV that she’s called the Queen of QVC.

Her best-selling products are the Squatty Potty and Scrub Daddy, but she also speaks.


Lori Greiner’s Net Worth

Lori Greiner has a net worth of $150 million as a jewelry designer and Shark Tank judge in the United States.

Grenier is a self-taught inventor and entrepreneur who has developed over 700 products and possesses over 120 patents in the United States and abroad.

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