A Loyal Dog Protects an Unaware Owner From a Dangerous Snake Bite!


After making the ultimate sacrifice to save his master from being bitten by a poisonous snake, a devoted canine is being lauded as a hero by the public.

A Loyal Dog Protects an Unaware Owner From a Dangerous Snake Bite

Spike, a Yorkshire terrier, discovered a poisonous cobra in the backyard of the house in South Africa where he was staying and attacked it before it could reach his owner, Louise Grobler.

The ten-year-old family dog killed the snake just a few feet away from the mum-of-four but was bitten in the mouth.

Loyal dog sacrificed his own life to save owners from the snake strike

Louise, 42, is now paying tribute to her companion, Spike, claiming that the courageous efforts he took saved her life. Spike was found half an hour later, along with another dog that had also been bitten.

A Devoted Dog Saves the Lives of the Netravali Family Members While Defending Them From a Snake

Canines have always been thought of as man’s best friend, and there are countless heroic stories that involve dogs who were faithful to their people.

In one of these incidents, which took place on Friday night at Netravali in Sanguem, an animal lover named Amit Naik, who has more than 60 pet dogs, stated that one of his dogs made the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect his family from a snake that was ready to enter their house.

The incident was brought to light when Naik and his family woke up on Saturday morning and were surprised to see an injured cobra just outside the door to their house. This revelation brought about the incident to light and brought it to light.

Because it had been damaged in three different places, the snake was unable to move and eventually passed away as a result of its injuries.

Naik recounted, “I then ran to see my dogs, but I found out that one of my dogs had gone missing, and I was upset to find out that the dog had perished from a snake bite.”

Naik is under the impression that his pet dog engaged the snake in a courageous battle and thwarted its attempt to enter the home. “Had the snake entered the house during the night, it may have put my family in danger, including my son, who is seven years old, and my baby, who is eight months old.”

Naik stated that despite the fact that he kept more than sixty dogs as pets, he had a special connection to this dog because he had discovered it abandoned at the Curchorem market.

Loyal dog sacrificed his own life to save owners from the snake strike

Naik explained that approximately eight years ago, someone had abandoned this puppy in the Curchorem market area and allowed it to fend for itself.

“The dog was in a terrible state of health and was unable to ingest normal meals. A veterinary physician had suggested that the dog receive a saline infusion every two hours for the next 15 days.

Because of his unwavering commitment, Naik remained in Curchorem for a total of 15 days in order to care for the stray dog and nurse it back to good health.

“After 15 days of consistently receiving an infusion of saltwater, I brought the dog to my home in Netravali. I had no idea that one day this dog would come to the rescue of my family.

“Our loyal pet protected my family by risking his own life as if the dog was thanking us for having saved it eight years ago,” continued Naik. “It was as if the dog was acting as if it was paying us back for having saved it.”

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