Jennifer Lopez Introduces Her 14-year-old Daughter Emme Onstage in Los Angeles!

Jennifer Lopez introduced Emme with they/them pronouns during her Los Angeles gig. Jennifer Lopez presented her 14-year-old daughter Emme Maribel Muiz to the stage at the LA Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala on Thursday evening in Los Angeles using gender-neutral pronouns.

Jennifer Lopez Introduces Her 14-year-old Daughter Emme Onstage in Los Angeles Using Gender-neutral Terms

“The last time we played together was in a stadium of this size, and I always beg them to sing with me, but they refuse,” Lopez told the crowd. “Therefore, this is a highly specialized event. They are incredibly busy. Booked. And costly.”

Jennifer Lopez Introduces Her 14-year-old Daughter Emme Onstage in Los Angeles!

She went on: “They cost me when they are released. But they are worth every dime because they are my all-time favorite duet partner. If you will indulge me, then.”

Jennifer and Emme performed a rendition of “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, with Emme carrying a glittering rainbow microphone and wearing a hot pink shirt and shorts to match.

At the conclusion of their touching duet, the happy mother proclaimed, “Give it up for my baby!”

She posted a number of images from the event, which raised $3.6 million for local organizations, to Twitter, including one of Emme sitting below the platform and looking ecstatic as she awaited the cue to begin singing.

Lopez, 52, performed with Emme for the first time since the Super Bowl LIV Halftime show in 2020; the entire performance was captured for her new Netflix documentary “Halftime.”

Tribeca Film Festival press release: “‘Halftime’ offers an intimate look behind the scenes, revealing the grit and determination that make Jennifer Lopez the icon she is, from her performances onscreen and on stages around the world, to her Super Bowl Halftime performance, to the recent Presidential inauguration.”

“The documentary focuses on an international celebrity whose endurance, creative brilliance, and cultural achievements have inspired people for decades. And this is merely the start.”

Lopez stated in the teaser, “Throughout my entire life, I have struggled to be heard, noticed, and taken seriously.” A major source of annoyance for Lopez was sharing the stage with Shakira, specifically the time constraints associated with the two headline performers.

Lopez told her music director, “This is the dumbest idea in the world to have two people perform at the Super Bowl” (via Sports Illustrated). It was the worst idea imaginable.

“We have six minutes left. We have 30 seconds of a song, and if we take a minute, we only have five seconds left “According to what Lopez claimed in the documentary. “However, there must be some songs that we sing. We must have singing occasions.

This is not going to be a dancing revue. We must sing forth our message.” Bobby Medina, the singer’s manager, was also dissatisfied with the NFL and its choice to have two headliners for the 2020 halftime show.

“Typically, there is only one main attraction at the Super Bowl,” Medina stated in the documentary. “This headliner designs the show, and if they wish to include other guests, that is their decision. It was an insult to suggest that two Latinas were required to do the duties traditionally performed by one artist.”

Jennifer Lopez Introduces Her 14-year-old Daughter Emme Onstage in Los Angeles!

“If it was to be a double headlining, they should have given us twenty minutes,” Lopez stated in the documentary. “They should have f—-ing done that.”

Additionally, the NFL attempted to have Lopez’s performance with the caged youngsters deleted from the show.

Lopez stated, “When we left rehearsal, I observed that everyone was freaking out, but I don’t know why.” “Benny calls me and informs me, “They want to pull the cages.” That night, the NFL’s upper management watched it for the first time and said, “Hey, you can’t do that.” Nevertheless, Lopez continued with the plan.

Jennifer and her ex-husband Marc Anthony share custody of their twins Emme and Max. She just became engaged to Ben Affleck following a whirlwind affair that reignited after a 17-year break.

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