Tammy Hembrow and Her Fiancé Matt Poole Had a Baby Girl!


Sunday, fitness celebrity Tammy Hembrow announced the birth of her third child, a “perfect” baby girl.

Tammy Hembrow and Her Fiancé Matt Poole Had a Baby Girl!

Hembrow tweeted four photographs of the “absolutely most challenging and satisfying endeavor she’s ever undertaken.”

Tammy Hembrow and her fiancé Matt Poole had a baby girl.

The mother, who has two other children with her ex-boyfriend Reece Hawkins, disclosed that she had untreated VBC2C.

Fitness Star Tammy Hembrow’s Third Child Was Born!

“No words. Birth narrative to follow. “Right now, I’m simply enjoying my love bubble with my gorgeous little girl,” she remarked.

Poole, the ecstatic fiancé, and father-to-be uploaded his own post with images of Hembrow and their newborn child at the hospital.

He began, “Our little child is lovely in every aspect.” “Mom was extraordinary and very courageous. The past twenty-four hours have been a roller coaster, but her birth has made everything better.”

The new father then referred to his “beautiful” daughter’s 12 fingers, a condition Hembrow, her siblings, and their mother were all born with. The parents announced they will correct the child’s hand deformity shortly after delivery.

“She Is Battling”

This delivery follows rumors that Hembrow and Poole have separated, which were triggered by a comment Poole posted on Instagram after a follower pushed him to “lift his own weight.”

The message stated, “Matt, I’m not trying to tear you down, but you really need to step up and pull your weight around Tammy.” “It is evident that she is suffering from everyday duties, and you are not there to assist her.

Today and yesterday, her family had to travel to your home to help her clean the rooms. Poole was informed by a fan that Hembrow was passively blogging about his inability to assist her.

“Everyone can see it, why can’t you?”

Poole acknowledged in his response to the Instagram message that the concern “comes from a good place.” “[However], you have NO IDEA what Tammy and I are experiencing, nor do you know (or need to know) what is transpiring in our relationship,” he stated.

The father implied he no longer resides with the Saski Collection founder and her two children. “I was in the area today… You have no idea because you only use Instagram!” “I do not know you, neither do you know me, nor do you know Tammy…

“I understand that you are all fans of her, but please keep your ideas about OUR relationship to yourselves; I never asked for them and I have no interest in hearing them.”

Tammy Hembrow and her fiancé Matt Poole had a baby girl

Following the rumors, the fitness guru released an adorable video of the couple on Instagram, along with photos of a family supper with her two older children, Wolf, six, and Saskia, five.

The social media post appeared to corroborate the couple’s continued strong relationship. Poole proposed to Hembrow in November, and the pair revealed in December that they were expecting a child.

“All the feelings”

The mother revealed in April that she feared she would not love her third child as much as she did Wolf and Saskia.

“It’s inconceivable that I’ll meet her soon… “I’m not going to lie, I’ve been experiencing some of the worried, strange sensations I recall having before having Sass,” she wrote on Instagram.

“The feeling that it is impossible to love another soul as much as you love the children currently present.” “Or the shame of having to devote your time and attention to someone else. “All the feelings.”

Hembrow reached out to other mothers and inquired if they had similar experiences. She stated, “As soon as she arrives, I am certain that all these emotions will vanish.” “This little baby was destined for me, and my heart continues to expand.”

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