Tim White, a Longtime Referee for WWE, Has Passed Away!


Tim White was a longtime referee for WWE, and the whole wrestling community is mourning his passing.

Tim White, a veteran WWE referee who served the company for many years, passed away on June 19, 2022, at the age of 68. Between the years 1985 and 2009, the well-liked and well-respected official served in this promotion.

Tim White, a Longtime Referee for WWE, Has Passed Away!

During his time in office, White was the person who found himself in the heart of some truly epic conflicts.

Tim White, a Longtime Referee for WWE, Has Passed Away!

Included in this list is the legendary Hell in a Cell bout that took place in 1998 between Mick Foley and The Undertaker and resulted in Foley performing his now-iconic dive from the top of the cage.

White was a member of a core group of referees that remained with the Stamford-based promotion throughout the entirety of the 1990s.

This group of referees included other notable names such as Mike Chioda and Jimmy Corydoras. Dave Hebner, who, by a strange twist of fate, just so happened to pass just two days ago, was a contemporary of White’s as well (June 17th).

In the world of professional wrestling, White was also well-known for his time spent working as an aide to Andre the Giant.

White was not only the big man’s driver while he was on the road, but he also assisted him in making all of his travel and lodging arrangements. While the two were together, White was with the huge man.

It was frequently difficult for the huge Andre to move around in comfort from one location to another. White was able to lighten that load, and members of the wrestling world have acknowledged their deep and loyal connection.

Following his passing, WWE’s Shawn Michaels, Big E, and others pay tribute to longtime referee Tim White

In later years, the referee would eventually become an on-screen character, appearing in comedic vignettes alongside Josh Mathews, who was working as a broadcaster for WWE at the time.

Tim White, a Longtime Referee for WWE, Has Passed Away!

In addition to that, he would help with a variety of backstage tasks and work with younger performers. He participated in a number of WrestleManias and was with the organization from the time of Hulk Hogan all the way through the Cenation era.

Many people from the WWE Universe, both from the past and the present, have sent their thoughts and condolences on the passing of Tim White

Because of White’s stellar reputation and unwavering commitment, it did not take long before others who had worked closely with him began to discuss their feelings and recollections of him.

That began with the promotion, to which he devoted his all attention. Individual performers also shared their positive recollections of The Man in Stripes with the group.

White was formed from the very first time that many of the WWE veterans working today walked foot through the door on their very first day at the company.

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