Father of the Bride 2 Cast: What Is the Plot of the Father of the Bride 2?


Part II of Father of the Bride is an American comedy film released in 1995 starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, and Martin Short. It is a remake of the 1951 film Father’s Little Dividend, which itself was a remake of the 1950 film Father of the Bride’s sequel, Father’s Little Dividend.


  • Steve Martin in the role of George Stanley Banks
  • Diane Keaton portrays Nina Banks (née Dickerson) as Nina Banks (née Dickerson).

Father of the Bride 2 Cast

  • Kimberly Williams in the role of Annie Banks-MacKenzie
  • George Newbern as Bryan MacKenzie
  • Kieran Culkin in the role of Matthew “Matty” Banks
  • Martin Short is Franck Eggelhoffer portrayed by Martin Short
  • Eugene Levy portraying Mr. Habib
  • B.D. Wong as Howard Weinstein
  • Jane Adams as Dr. Megan Eisenberg
  • Peter Michael Goetz as John MacKenzie
  • Kate McGregor-Stewart as Joanna MacKenzie
  • Jay Wolpert portrays Dr. Brooks as Dr.
  • Susan Beaubien portrays Nurse Diana Blackwell (credited as Annie’s Nurse) in “Annie.”
  • Nurse Suzanne Jones is played by Roxanne Beckford.

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What Is the Plot of the Father of the Bride 2?

The film begins four years after the events of the first one, with George Banks announcing to the audience that he is prepared for the upcoming arrival of an empty nest, as all of his children have reached adulthood.

Annie informs her family shortly thereafter that she is pregnant. George becomes moderately panicked and insists that he is too young to be a grandfather.

Father of the Bride 2 Cast

He instructs his assistant to compile a list of persons who are older than him, dyes his hair brown and determines that he and Nina should sell their children’s childhood house if anything else goes wrong with it.

After two weeks, termites infest the house. George puts the home up for sale without Nina’s knowledge and sells it to the Habibs. George announces the sale of the house over dinner, following a conversation about whether the baby’s surname will be hyphenated.

Nina is furious because she and George must leave their apartment in ten days and have nowhere to go. The Banks reside in the mansion that Bryan’s parents own.

While the MacKenzies are on a Caribbean cruise, the Banks must cope with their violent Dobermans, much to George’s annoyance, who is still fearful of them due to a past incident.

Nina begins to experience menopausal symptoms, causing her concern. The following day, when they see the doctor, they receive the opposite news: Nina is also pregnant.

Following Nina’s unexpected pregnancy announcement, they had a fortuitous encounter with Franck, Annie’s former wedding designer, who is ecstatic that both ladies are pregnant.

George has changed his mind and now believes he is too old to be a parent again. When he and Nina go to Annie and Bryan’s house to tell their news, his emotions reach a peak. Nina exposes his insensitivity and instructs him not to return home. George grudgingly engages Franck to plan the baby shower as an apology.

Nina and George have divergent opinions on the possibility of becoming parents again as they drive home. Both parties acknowledge how unusual the next transition will be, yet begin to look forward to it.

George, while on a walk, observes that the roadway leading to their previous house has been shut off and observes a demolition squad with a wrecking ball at the residence, discovering that Mr. Habib intends to demolish it.

As the wrecking ball is about to collide with the house, George rushes in and attempts to stop them. As he is about to become a father again, he begs Mr. Habib not to demolish the house, as it has sentimental importance.

He understands that if he has another child, he would like to raise him or her in the home where his family grew up. Habib accepts George’s offer to repurchase the property on the condition that he pay him $100,000 in advance.

Despite reluctance, he agrees to pay that amount of money. The Banks then return to their home just as Bryan is summoned to an urgent conference in Japan.

Meanwhile, Nina and Annie are progressing in their concurrent pregnancies and require continuous care from George. When George is absent from work, Matty assumes responsibility.

Franck transforms a simple redecoration of Nina and George’s new baby’s nursery into a comprehensive renovation/addition, which he affectionately refers to as “the baby’s suite.” Eventually, all of George’s worry and sleepless nights wear him down.

When “the baby’s suite” is unveiled, Franck offers George some sleeping pills called “Vatsnik” from his native country, after George informs him that he has not been getting enough rest.

Inadvertently overdosing, George abruptly loses consciousness during dinner. The family’s apprehension is only heightened when Annie finally gives birth.

Franck drives the family to the hospital with a barely lucid George in the backseat. After being misidentified as a patient requiring a prostate exam, George regains full awareness and rushes to Nina’s laboring room.

George is first skeptical of the female obstetrician who fills in when their regular physician is unavailable. George accepts the plan despite his desire for the same doctor who delivered his children to deliver his grandchild.

Bryan soon returns to be with Annie, who gives birth to a baby boy called George, while Nina simultaneously gives birth to a baby girl named Megan. As he embraces his grandchild and daughter in his arms, George delivers the movie’s most memorable line: “Life doesn’t get any better than this.”

George concludes his account of Nina and Annie’s pregnancies. Bryan and Annie then go to Boston with their infant son George due to Annie’s employment there.

The film finishes with George and Megan standing on the road in front of George’s home, appreciating it. As he finishes the anecdote, he proceeds to stroll up the driveway, telling Megan about the basketball skills George will teach her.

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