Bodkin Netflix Release Date: Who Plays the Main Roles in the Bodkin Series on Netflix?

The upcoming show Bodkin, which will be produced by Higher Ground Productions, has been given the green light to debut on Netflix. The following information pertains to the Bodkin series on Netflix, which has recently had the identities of several of its cast members made public.

In the darkly comedic and suspenseful thriller Bodkin (wt), written and directed by Jez Scharf (Mister Biscuits, The UnDream), we follow a motley crew of podcasters as they begin an inquiry into the unexplained disappearance of three strangers in a gorgeous seaside Irish village.

Who Is Responsible for the Bodkin Series on Netflix?

Jez Scharf, along with Alex Metcalf, will be the project’s principal writer and will also serve as a co-showrunner for the show. Perhaps Scharf’s greatest contribution to his notoriety came in the form of screenplays for short films such as “Mister Biscuits” and “The Undream.”

bodkin netflix release date

Metcalf has been an executive producer on a number of notable productions, including HBO’s Sharp Objects and The Loudest Voice, to name just two of his many credits in this capacity.

Additionally, he served as a co-producer on the show Kingdom, which was licensed for a predetermined period of time prior to its global broadcast on Netflix (it was licensed until May 2021).

Executive producer Tonia Davis from Higher Ground Productions has been involved in the production of a number of original works for Netflix, including We the People, Waffles + Mochi, and the upcoming film Rustin.

Higher Ground Productions, which is Obama’s production firm, has been given the task of working on the project as was previously revealed.

Despite the fact that they have other projects in the works, this will be the first substantial drama series that they produce for Netflix. In addition, the production companies Wild Atlantic Pictures and Wiip are associated with this project in some capacity.

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Who Plays the Main Roles in the Bodkin Series on Netflix?

Gilbert Power is an American podcaster who is “on the lookout for his next big story,” and Will Forte, known for his roles in MacGruber and The Last Man on Earth, will portray the role of Gilbert Power.

Gilbert’s family originated in Cork, and he would like to follow his ancestors’ footsteps all the way back to Ireland.

At the beginning of the series, Siobhan Cullen, who is best known for The Dry, is experiencing a crisis in her professional life. Her character is defined as “a hard-nosed investigative journalist with a finely tuned bullshit detector and a healthy scorn for authority and hypocrisy,” and she has a healthy dislike for both of these things.

Robyn Cara, who is most known for her role as Kayla in Ackley Bridge, has been cast in the part of Emmy, the researcher on Gilbert’s podcast project who is responsible for ensuring that everything works well.

On the other hand, Emmy is having a hard time finding her own unique voice. Seamus Gallagher, the character that David Wilmot will play, is the type of person who can be charming when it serves his purposes but can just as rapidly erupt into violent outbursts when he feels threatened.

bodkin netflix release date

David Wilmot will play this role. The roles that made Wilmot famous are the ones he played in Anna Karenina and the upcoming series Lies We Tell on HBO Max.

Chris Walley, who is best known for his role in The Last Voyage of the Demeter, plays the part of Sean O’Shea, who is shown as a native of the village of Bodkin and a typical Irish country lad. In addition to this, he is involved in a number of ventures that are rather dubious.

Where Exactly Does Bodkin Fit Into the Production?

According to various production listings that were obtained by What’s on Netflix, filming for the project is planned to commence on June 27 and will take place in both Dublin and West Cork in the country of Ireland.

West Cork is a remote region in Ireland that is frequently referred to as one of the final strongholds of “old Ireland.” For those who are unaware, this region of Ireland is located in the southwest corner of the island.

According to Southern Star in Ireland, a casting call for the play was held on the 14th of June and was open to the public. They also indicate that some of the modern drama’s filming would take place at Union Hall and maybe Glandore. The drama will be broken up into seven parts.

It is anticipated that the balance of the summer will be devoted to manufacturing, which is anticipated to come to a finish between the months of September and November in 2022.

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