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The Old Guard 2 Release Date: Cast | Plot | Who Wrote and Will Direct the Old Guard 2?

The Old Guard 2 Release Date

Finally, some information regarding The Old Guard 2 has emerged! In July of 2021, the action-packed comic book adaptation on Netflix wowed fans. Charlize Theron soon confirmed a sequel, but the production appeared to have stagnated.

Now for some fantastic casting news: Uma Thurman and Henry Golding have joined The Old Guard 2’s cast!

Speculative The Old Guard 2 Release Date

Netflix has not announced a premiere date for The Old Guard, nor has it provided a release window.

According to Variety, filming did not begin until June 2022. Theron had a busy spring with cameos in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and season 3 of The Boys. She also recently wrapped production on Fast X.

“I’m excited about our team’s return and the time we’ve had to carefully consider what our next tale will be,” she said. “It is a tall order to expect everyone concerned to take action that exceeds what we accomplished previously. Everyone has put up the necessary time, effort, and energy. I want to see the results of your hard work.”

Regarding work, Theron’s new hairdo for The Old Guard 2 is a black mullet! She quipped to the Hollywood Reporter, “We needed something that felt like time had gone, so for that, you go with the old mullet”.

Victoria Mahoney directs The Old Guard 2 from a screenplay by comic novel co-creator Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernández. Mahoney succeeds Prince-Bythewood as executive producer; Prince-Bythewood continues to serve in this capacity.


Charlize Theron plays Andy aka Andromache of Scythia, the eldest immortal and leader of their tribe, in The Old Guard 2.

Several returning cast members will join her:

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Who Wrote and Will Direct the Old Guard 2?

Victoria Mahoney is replacing Gina Prince-Bythewood, who directed the original film and is producing the sequel, as the film’s director.

Prior to this, Mahoney helmed episodes of Lovecraft Country and Queen Sugar, and on 2019’s The Rise of Skywalker, she became the first Black woman to direct a Star Wars project as a second-unit director.

The new film is written by Rucka, who also wrote the last installment and the comics on which the films are based.

The Old Guard 2 Potential Plots

To hypothesize about the plot of The Old Guard 2, let’s first discuss the conclusion of the first film in the series.

As discussed previously, The Old Guard concludes with the team defeating pharmaceutical executive Merrick. Copley apologizes for his role in the incident, and as penance, the team enlists his assistance in discovering new missions and concealing their operations.

Consider him a Nick Fury-like figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “Let’s get to work,” says Andy. Booker is the only member of the immortal team left behind. Andy exiled him for a century for betraying the group.

In a clip during the end credits, we see Booker six months later. Upon his return to his Paris apartment, he discovers… Quynh (Van Veronica Ngo). She was Andy’s eternal companion, but she was imprisoned in an iron maiden and cast into the depths of the ocean.

Andy looked for her for five hundred years, during which Quynh repeatedly drowned and was resurrected. Eventually, Andy ceased her search, revealing to the Nile her overwhelming sense of remorse.

Quynh appears to have escaped the iron maiden and located Booker. However, why? Is she seeking vengeance against Andy for not finding her and harboring resentment?

Prince-Bywood felt compelled to include this final scene in The Old Guard because Quynh’s return is featured in Rucka’s comics. “The passage with Quynh was quite emotional for me, and I cared about this woman trapped in a harrowing existence of drowning for 500 years.

The psychological aspect alone… I was curious as to what transpired,” the director told Collider (opens in new tab). It is an indication that she is alive.  It was providing a hint, with the goal that no one would feel tricked by what follows. I want you to desire more, but it is entirely dependent on the audience.”

Then… what occurs next? From Rucka’s comic book series Force Multiplied, we can extract a few potential plot threads.

However, there are some variations between the comics by Rucka and the film. In the comics, Quynh is referred to as Noriko and is Japanese. Rucka altered the character to accommodate the Vietnamese actress Ngo.

In the comics, she is washed overboard by a storm, as opposed to being intentionally transformed into an iron maiden. Rucka stated to Polygon that the modification was necessitated by filming budget restrictions.

Keeping in mind that circumstances may alter, here is what occurs in Force Multiplied: Quynh returns from her lengthy adventure underwater with a much darker and more perverted perspective on humanity.

And now she wants Andy to join her both as her lover and as her accomplice in her mission to cause human suffering. Andy is now mortal and an ordinary human being.

In addition, we do not see her turning to the dark side. This sets up a tremendous confrontation between Andy and Quynh, which we eagerly anticipate.

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