Spy X Family Episode 12: What Is the Story of Spy X Family?


Everyone makes it sound like being a father is a breeze, but in reality, it’s not. This is a nonstop task that goes on around the clock.

Imagine being a spy on top of all of that while also being married to an assassin, having a daughter who can communicate with animals through telepathy, and having an outstanding dog.  While working on this project, Twilight has been put through an incredible amount of stress.

In spite of the fact that things might not have gone as smoothly as he had hoped for them to, it’s possible that he’ll come away from this task with anything more than a mere “mission achieved” declaration.

Anya was finally able to put her skills to good use in the episode that aired last week. At this point, we should get ready for even more fortunate occurrences.

When and Where Will the Twelfth Episode of Spy X Family Be Released?

The following episode, titled “Park Penguin,” is scheduled to be released on the 25th of June, 2022.

Spy x Family Episode 12

The most recent episode is currently available to stream on Netflix.

What Is the Story of Spy X Family?

The lives of a seemingly normal family are chronicled in the anime that can be viewed on Netflix, but things are not always as they appear.

Anya, the daughter, is a telepath, while Bond, the dog, has precognitive powers. The father, who goes by the code name “Twilight,” is a spy for the government. Yor, the mother, is a professional assassin.

The events of the novel began with Twilight being given the mission of gathering intelligence on Desmond Donovan, the head of the Estonian National Unity Party.

It is necessary for him to take in and raise an orphan and send them to the same school as Donovan’s sons in order to develop a close relationship with him on the level of a fellow parent.

He is successful in doing so, but during this time he is oblivious to the fact that the woman he married is a killer and the child he adopted is a telepath.

Anya is unaware that her parents exist, but she is aware of their identities and what they do. The mission, which was supposed to be a serious covert operation, turned out to be a hilarious ride instead.

The story continues with Twilight attempting to make the best of her circumstances throughout the series. Even though his so-called wife is a dangerous lady and his kid is just as mischievous, it appears that he can’t help but fall in love with this family.

Will Twilight be successful in doing what he set out to do? When the task has been successfully fulfilled, what will happen to Anya and Yor?

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What Exactly Took Place in the Most Recent Episode?

In the most recent episode, we saw Anya’s father take her to the hospital in an effort to gain Stella stars for the family.

Spy x Family Episode 12

Instead, she managed to screw things up, which resulted in the hospital administration firing her. She was about to leave the hospital when she overhears someone having suicidal thoughts, and her quick response to save him won her the first star of the night.

While she was attending the academy, some of her students created accusations about her, but Damien stood up for her.

While she is trying to get closer to Damien by asking her parents for a dog, the scene flips to a genetically altered dog who has a mental image of the Forgers. This allows her to get closer to Damien.

What Are Some Possible Outcomes for the Season’s Second-to-last Episode?

We saw Yor in her complete assassin form when she appeared in the preview, which took place during the family’s trip to the aquarium.

It is possible but not guaranteed that the family will find the dog that was seen in the previous episode. There is currently no formal description that has been made public.

How Can I View the Next Episode on Crunchyroll and Hulu?

With a trip to the aquarium promising more hijinks from the Forgers, fans will be eager to watch Spy x Family Episode 12 when it airs. Those who have followed the show throughout the first season likely know where to find new episodes.

Those who wish to watch the show for the first time may do so on Crunchyroll or Hulu. Crunchyroll’s premium membership is approximately $7.99 per month.

Hulu’s monthly fee is a dollar less at $6.99, but it includes advertisements. Without advertisements, Hulu costs approximately $12.99 per month.

No matter where viewers watch the anime, they will have a great time with the Forgers, as well as with all the other stuff offered by both streaming platforms.

That leaves enough to see while we await the next mission of the family. The Forgers’ aquarium visit will air on Spy x Family Episode 12 on June 25, 2022.

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