Hutchinson Was Among the Witnesses the Trump Camp Sought to Persuade!


Former Trump White House employee Cassidy Hutchinson told a House committee on January 6 that she was contacted by someone attempting to influence her testimony, according to three CNN sources familiar with the hearing presentation.

During Tuesday’s hearing, the committee’s vice chairwoman, Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, stated that two witnesses — whom she did not identify — told the committee that they had been contacted by individuals associated with former President Donald Trump who may have attempted to intimidate them.

Cnn’s Sources Indicate That Hutchinson Is One of the Witnesses

The committee concluded their Tuesday presentation at their landmark hearing by displaying examples of testimony in which witnesses recalled being asked by close associates of the former president to be loyal to him and his administration.

Hutchinson Was Among the Witnesses the Trump Camp Sought to Persuade!

Cheney said during the hearing, “We routinely ask witnesses connected to Mr. Trump’s administration or campaign whether they have been contacted by any of their former colleagues or anyone else attempting to influence or impact their testimony.”

He then displayed snippets of how witnesses responded to this question.

In both instances, the committee presented testimony in which witnesses were informed that the previous president was paying attention to the fact that they had been summoned by the committee and hoped they would continue to support Trump.

The committee was extremely concerned about Hutchinson’s safety prior to their hearing. It was one of the reasons why they concealed her identity before the meeting.

Hutchinson, an adviser to then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, testified Tuesday for about two hours in a closed-door, taped hearing on how Meadows and Trump were frequently warned about security problems leading up to and on the day of the rally and violence on January 6, 2021.

Hutchinson also testified that on January 6, Trump repeatedly attempted to visit the Capitol.

Punchbowl News was the first to announce that Hutchinson was cited as a witness at the conclusion of Tuesday’s session.

Hutchinson Was Among the Witnesses the Trump Camp Sought to Persuade!

Members of the committee have claimed that the two instances of alleged witness intimidation they provided represent only a tiny portion of the information they have gathered.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California), a committee member, told CNN that the former president’s actions are consistent with a pattern.

Schiff stated, “We certainly have a history of the former President attempting to influence or intimidate witnesses.” A committee representative declined to comment on the committee’s allegations of possible witness intimidation.

Cheney stated during Tuesday’s hearing that the committee was proof of a “certain conduct that raises serious concerns.”

Cheney stated that one witness recalled receiving phone calls from individuals interested in that witness’s testimony.

The anonymous witness, according to Cheney, told the committee: “They informed me that as long as I remain a team player, they know I’m on the correct team. I’m acting appropriately.

I am safeguarding those that require protection. I will continue to maintain my good standing in Trump’s world. And they’ve informed me on multiple occasions that Trump reads transcripts.”

The second scenario provided by Cheney is a phone call a witness got stating: “A guy informed me that your deposition is tomorrow. He wishes for me to convey his thoughts about you. He recognizes your loyalty. And you will behave appropriately when you appear for your deposition.'”

Hutchinson Was Among the Witnesses the Trump Camp Sought to Persuade!

In an interview that aired Thursday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Cheney was asked about charges of witness intimidation or influence.

Cheney stated, “The situation is dire.” “It gets directly to the core of our judicial system. And it is something the committee will undoubtedly examine.”

She added, “It gives us a real insight into how people around the former president are operating, and into the extent to which they believe they can influence the testimony of witnesses before the committee, and it’s something we take very seriously, and it’s something people should be aware of — it’s a very serious issue, and I would imagine that the Department of Justice would be very interested in and take that very seriously as well.”

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