The New York Governor Approves a Law Banning Firearms From Times Square and Public Transportation!

Gov. Kathy Hochul stated on Friday night that she has signed legislation that was created in reaction to the recent Supreme Court verdict on concealed carry laws. Legislators just passed the bill this evening.

The proposed legislation prohibits concealed carry in “critical locations.”

Airports and public transportation, entertainment venues, clubs and restaurants, places of worship, and Times Square are among the sensitive locations. “We are acting swiftly and courageously to safeguard New Yorkers.

The New York Governor Approves a Law Banning Firearms From Times Square and Public Transportation!

“After a thorough review of the NYSRPA vs. Bruen decision and extensive discussions with constitutional and policy experts, advocates, and legislative partners, I am proud to sign this historic legislative package that will strengthen our gun laws and increase restrictions on concealed carry,” the governor said in a statement.

The New York Governor Approves a Law Banning Firearms From Times Square and Public Transportation!

“I would want to congratulate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins, Speaker Heastie, and all of our legislative colleagues for their willingness to address this essential issue with immediacy and accuracy. I will continue to do everything possible to stop the epidemic of gun violence.”

The new legislation will go effective on September 1, 2022.

Hochul signed the bill after the New York State Senate on Friday passed legislation prohibiting concealed carry of firearms in “critical locations,” including Times Square and all public transportation. Earlier in the day, the law was introduced during a special session.

The bill is the result of a Supreme Court judgment that invalidated a state rule that restricted concealed carry permit eligibility to those with “good reason.”

During a Special Session Called by the Governor, the Bill Was Passed

“Although this judgment by the conservative majority of the Supreme Court invalidates the concealed carry permit limits, it permits states to set licensing requirements for carrying a firearm.

The New York State Senate Democratic Majority said in a statement, “In light of this decision, the Senate Majority is taking action to remedy the invalidated sections and mitigate the possible impacts of this verdict on public safety.”

The legislation prohibits carrying firearms on subways, trains, buses, and ferries, as well as in government buildings, places of worship, schools, libraries, public playgrounds, public parks, zoos, homeless shelters, and voting stations.

Wednesday, Governor Hochul revealed that lawmakers intend to enact “sensitive locations” legislation. On Thursday, the proposal was introduced in the state Senate at a special session called by Governor Hochul.

The law also intends to prohibit the carry of firearms on all private land by default, unless the property owner has posted signage permitting weapons or has otherwise consented to their carriage.

The law allows law enforcement, peace officers, active-duty military members, and security staff to carry firearms in sensitive locations. Those lawfully hunting are permitted to carry firearms in sensitive areas.

The law would make carrying firearms in restricted places a criminal.

A police-created and -maintained statewide database of licenses and records will be verified regularly for continuous accuracy and to determine if a license holder is no longer legitimate.

The records will be compared to criminal convictions, criminal indictments, mental health, extreme risk protection orders, and protection orders. The proposed legislation modifies an existing statute that provides a database to authenticate ammunition sales in the state of New York.

Additionally, sellers and dealers of firearms and ammunition will be required to document all transactions involving firearms and ammunition.

The New York Governor Approves a Law Banning Firearms From Times Square and Public Transportation!

The bill will also add a vehicle requirement to current safe storage legislation, mandating that gun owners secure their firearms in an authorized safe storage depository that is not visible from the outside of the vehicle and remove the ammunition.

Otherwise, gun owners would not be permitted to leave their firearms in a vehicle or out of their immediate hands.

Hochul stated on Wednesday, when he introduced the bill, that this move is intended to reduce auto thefts of firearms.

Current New York law requires gun owners with children less than 16 to lock up their firearms and store them in a secure location. The new law increases the minimum age to 18 years old.

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