Terminal List Season 2: Will Season 2 of the Terminal List Adapt True Believer?


The Terminal List is an American action-thriller television series starring Chris Pratt and adapted from Jack Carr’s novel of the same name. On July 1, 2022, it was launched on Amazon Prime Video.

Season 1 of The Terminal List is going to premiere on Prime Video, and here’s everything we know about season 2.

Based on the novel by Jack Carr, The Terminal List is the debut novel of protagonist Commander James Reece (Chris Pratt), a former Navy SEAL who embarks on a mission of vengeance after discovering a conspiracy that extends to the highest levels of government and causes tragedy for his family and teammates.

In addition to Pratt, the cast of the sitcom includes Taylor Kitsch, Jai Courtney, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Constance Wu, Riley Keough, Arlo Mertz, and JD Pardo, among others.

The first season of The Terminal List consists of eight one-hour episodes, which is normal for most top-tier shows on Amazon Prime Video, as proven by The Boys, Jack Ryan, Reacher, and others. The Terminal List was created for television by Dan DiGilio (Black Sails) and directed/executive produced by Antoine Fuqua.

The book’s author, Jack Carr, is also an executive producer and advisor for the series. Multiple cast and crew members are former Navy SEALs and military consultants, lending a feeling of authenticity to the proceedings.

After his SEAL team and his family are murdered, Reece makes a list titled “The Terminal List” on the back of a drawing his daughter drew, utilizing his unique skill set. The list consists of everyone involved in the deaths of his loved ones, with additional names being added as the series progresses and the mystery is revealed.

Reece completes his goal in the end, but it costs him his life and reputation, sending him on the run as he sails into Mozambique at the end of the season.

Has Season 2 of The Terminal List Been Confirmed?

Although The Terminal List has not yet been renewed for a second season, Jack Carr has already taken the necessary steps to ensure its longevity.

Terminal List Season 2

Carr has published four sequel novels, with Reece as the protagonist in each, and plans to write more. Each novel has its own title, thus it is unknown whether the show will continue to use The Terminal List or rebrand each new season as a miniseries with a new name.

If Amazon Prime Video renews The Terminal List for a second season, an announcement will likely be made within the first few weeks following the premiere of season 1.

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Will Season 2 of the Terminal List Adapt True Believer?

True Believer starts up with Reece living in Mozambique as a wanted fugitive, who is lured back into government service after a series of terrorist attacks make him a valuable asset, setting up an enticing scenario for a potential second season of The Terminal List.

Reece is thrown back into conflict after being recruited by the CIA and pardoned by the president for his activities in The Terminal List. He travels the globe to face a terrible new threat for which he is uniquely prepared.

David DiGilio (Black Sails) has stated that True Believer is an “epic blueprint for an epic season” and that he would love to undertake an ongoing series of the show – that the TV show adaption would be suitable for this plot.

Who Will Be on Season 2 of The Terminal List?

Season 1 of the show features a star-studded cast list.

  • Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights),
  • Constance Wu (Hustlers),
  • Riley Keough (Zola),
  • Arlo Mertz (Mank),
  • Jai Courtney (The Suicide Squad), and
  • JD Pardo also appears on The Terminal List (Mayans M.C.).

Terminal List Season 2

With such a cast, Amazon may like to maintain the ensemble, but there is no official word on who will return for a second season. Pratt is the most probable cast member to return, given that Carr’s books chronicle his character’s exploits.

When Could Season 2 of the Terminal List Premiere on Prime Video?

Typically, it takes a newly-renewed show at least a year to develop, film, edit, and distribute a full season.

Season 2 of The Terminal List features a variety of foreign locales and intricate action sequences, which could result in a longer production schedule than a show that is predominantly shot on stages or green screen.

Season 1 of The Terminal List on Amazon Prime Video began filming in March 2021 and will premiere in July 2022, which is less than a year. Season 2 of The Terminal List will most likely premiere in late 2023 or early 2024, depending on when they begin production.

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