The Devil’s Light Release Date: The Devil’s Light Director, Author, and Further Credits!


The Devil’s Light, a supernatural horror film directed by Daniel Stamm, will soon be released in theaters. Daniel has participated in numerous horror films, including The Last Exorcism, 13 Sins, Scream, Into the Dark, etc. Robert Zappia is the author of the screenplay.

The Devil’s Light focuses on a 25-year-old nun who wants to execute an exorcism but is unable to do so due to outdated rites that prohibit sisters from performing exorcisms.

However, she learns to study and master them with the help of a professor who recognizes her enthusiasm for exorcism. When she engages in combat with wicked forces, the soul of her sister will be put in greater peril.

Date of The Devil’s Light’s Release and Where to Stream It?

Unfortunately, the publication date of “The Devil’s Light” is currently the most difficult detail to determine.

The Devil's Light Release Date

When the film was revealed for the first time in 2019, Screen Daily claimed that production will begin in early 2020. When “The Devil’s Light” hired Daniel Stamm as its new director, a spring production start was already in question, according to Bloody Disgusting.

Deadline reported in May 2020 that Lionsgate had changed the release dates for a number of their high-profile projects, including “John Wick 4”, but that “The Devil’s Light” would still hit theaters on January 8, 2021.

Jacqueline Byers was not cast in the lead role until June 2020 (according to Deadline), at which point filming was delayed until later in the year. A September 2020 piece in Collider seems to confirm in passing that filming had concluded in Bulgaria.

The most current update comes from Film Music Reporter, which stated that Nathan Barr has been hired to compose the film’s soundtrack – three days after the film was originally scheduled to be released.

Without additional information about the film’s status, it is difficult to predict when it will be released. However, it takes time to prepare for a theatrical release. It is therefore possible that “The Devil’s Light” may be released in 2021, but it is also possible that it will be delayed until 2022.

On October 28, 2022, The Devil’s Light is set to be released in theaters. It was originally intended to be released in theaters in the United States on January 8, 2021, but Lionsgate altered the date to February 11, 2022.

What Is the Light of the Devil?

The supernatural horror film “The Devil’s Light” is about demonic possession. The film’s central exorcist is Sister Ann, a young nun who believes that executing exorcisms is her calling.

As only priests are permitted to execute exorcisms, the church seeks to thwart Sister Ann’s wish, but she is unmoved. She continues her pursuit by attending exorcisms and attempting to prove herself when she discovers a troubled patient she believes she can save.

And in true horror fashion, she realizes that the evil is far more potent than she had anticipated.


  • Sister Ann, played by Jacqueline Byers, is devoutly interested in performing an exorcism.
  • Veteran actress Virginia Madsen will play Dr. Peters, and British actor Ben Cross, of
  • James Bond and Resident Evil film series renown will portray Cardinal Matthews.
  • Colin Salmon will perform the role of Father Quinn.
  • Christian Navarro portrays Father Dante, a Scottish actor who portrays Father Raymond,
  • Debora Zhecheva portrays Little Ann.

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The Devil’s Light Director, Author, and Further Credits

“The Devil’s Light” is directed by Daniel Stamm, who is no stranger to the subgenre of exorcism horror. He directed the found-footage horror film “The Last Exorcism” in 2010.

The Devil's Light Release Date

Stamm has directed episodes of “Scream,” “Fear of the Walking Dead,” and “Into the Dark” in recent years. Robert Zappia, who authored “Halloween H20: 20 Years Later,” is the author of “The Devil’s Light.”

What Is the Devil’s Light’s Plot?

In “The Devil’s Light,” Lionsgate has provided viewers with a very accurate synopsis of the plot these actors will uncover. According to a summary provided to, the film’s narrative revolves around Sister Ann, who fervently thinks she has the ability to perform exorcisms.

However, the Catholic institution that teaches priests how to properly facilitate exorcisms keeps women like Sister Ann on the sidelines, excluding them from the training.

Sister Ann is connected to Dr. Peters, who assists her in observing exorcism training sessions when she encounters “one of the school’s most problematic patients.”

Sister Ann discovers a significantly more malignant monster that not only resides in the facility but also has crucial ties to her past. Sister Ann’s contact with this demon helps her realize her true ability as an exorcist.

Hopefully, the pieces will soon fall into place so that horror fans can witness this horrifying tale on the big screen.

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