James Cameron Has Reservations About Avatar!


Throughout his decades-long career, James Cameron has left a number of lasting memories, from proposing “Aliens” by displaying a dollar sign to a gathering of executives to (according to The Independent) being the type of boss who will fire your phone with a nail gun if it goes off on set.

James Cameron Has Reservations About Avatar!

Cameron’s reputation for boldness would not have shocked me if he had charged headlong into the expensive and lengthy “Avatar” sequels with all the confidence in the world. However, even he is evidently willing to confess he has reservations.

James Cameron Has Reservations About Avatar!

Cameron spoke with Empire Magazine for the August 2022 issue of the cinema publication and discussed the shifting tastes of moviegoers and the length of time that has passed since the original “Avatar” film broke box office records in 2009.

The director believes that the September re-release of the first film will help viewers refresh their memories prior to the December release of “Avatar: The Way of Water.” The director acknowledges, “We’ve slipped into a bit of an outer orbit, and we need to re-establish ourselves.”

Is It Avatar: The Way of Money?

It is telling that Cameron views as trolls the numerous moviegoers and critics who have stated that “Avatar” is not a lasting story after all. While the picture was praised for its outstanding visual effects and grossed more money than any other film, its story has never received as much praise.

The film has an 82 percent rating in both the viewer and critic categories on Rotten Tomatoes, indicating that nearly one in five viewers and critics did not enjoy it. Is it a copy of “Pocahontas”? A science-fiction diversion with dubious perspectives on sex and race? The greatest film ever?

James Cameron Has Reservations About Avatar!

Cameron appears to believe that the quality of the work speaks for itself, but he confesses to Empire that it’s difficult to create a four-quadrant smash in the modern era. “‘Avatar’ was in theaters from eight to eighty,” he continues, but “does this audience still exist?”

According to him, the “Avatar” sequel plan, which involves not one, not two, but four sequels, is “the stupidest business model in history.” The director also appears to be acutely aware of the requirements these films must meet in order to be box office successes.

It would be unfavorable if we reduced our output by 20 or 30 percent because the market no longer exists.

The 16th of December, 2022 will reveal whether “Avatar: The Way of Water” has what it takes to be a successful sequel. The August edition of Empire is on sale this coming Thursday, July 7th.

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