Joseph Quinn Reflects on ‘stranger Things’ Heroic Arc, Metallica Solo, and Eddie’s Conclusion!

Joseph Quinn had no idea what the plan was for his character Eddie Munson when he joined the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” but he was eager to be a part of a show he had watched since its first season.

“I was first told very little,” Quinn, 29, tells Variety. “The Duffer Brothers told me I would be in at least four episodes, but I wasn’t optioned for a second season, so I figured if I performed well, they might invite me back. Obviously, it did not work! So they killed me, but I suppose that’s okay. I will clean myself off!”

Joseph Quinn Reflects on ‘stranger Things’ Heroic Arc, Metallica Solo, and Eddie’s Conclusion

He had no idea that the leader of the deviant “Hellfire Club” who was infatuated with heavy metal would become a fan favorite. He would also provide a performance that would have everyone talking.

Joseph Quinn Reflects on 'stranger Things' Heroic Arc, Metallica Solo, and Eddie's Conclusion!

Eddie and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) prepare a metal concert in the Season 4 finale to divert the demons, and it really succeeds for a short while. Eddie is shown standing atop his trailer in the Upside Down, completely blasting the instrumental rendition of “Master of Puppets” by Metallica.

“I was fortunate to have learned guitar as a child, so I had the basis. “I was by no means a virtuoso, but I was able to get through it when it came time to film,” adds Quinn.

“We had a black-belt heavy metal guitarist guide us through the solo since it wasn’t happening!” I couldn’t do that, but I was able to accomplish everything else, which was fortunate. It was a phenomenal experience.”

Nora Felder, Metallica’s music supervisor, confirmed that it was Quinn playing and that Metallica was quite pleased with it. “Joseph did spend time learning the guitar riff and was actually playing along with a guide tape,” she explains. Everyone agreed that he performed an excellent job.

It was also a unique experience for the cast and crew. “For many of the crew, it was the first time since the outbreak that we all felt like we were in a live music atmosphere,” recalls Quinn. It was quite enjoyable to accomplish that with Gaten.

Despite the fact that Quinn is 10 years older than Matarazzo, forming a bond with him was effortless, as was seen on screen.

“It’s fairly simple if you like the individual,” Quinn explains. “He’s a great man and a brilliant actor, and I treasure the time we spent working together on the moments leading up to and including the final scene. It was a tremendous honor.”

Since the premiere of the second-to-last season of “Stranger Things” last month, it has been trending on social media and making a significant impact on Netflix. Eddie’s “Christy, wake up!” scene has become a popular TikTok audio clip. While Quinn attempts to avoid social media, he is aware of this.

Joseph Quinn Reflects on 'stranger Things' Heroic Arc, Metallica Solo, and Eddie's Conclusion!

“It’s hilarious,” he exclaims, adding that he appreciates how enthusiastic the audience is, as the cast and crew have put in a lot of effort for the grueling season.

Everyone’s endurance was tested; it was a very long shoot. This was the most challenging aspect because you don’t want to do anything half-assed: staying emotionally and spiritually committed, and linked to that culture.

“It had been a very, very long time, and that’s a wonderful problem to have,” he says. As for what the cast did in their free time, it was very straightforward: “I and the gang played a lot of Spies.

Joe [Keery] and I drank a great deal of La Croix while conversing. We would simply attempt to make each other laugh and play around.”

Eddie may appear in flashbacks throughout the fifth and final season, despite the fact that his present storyline has concluded. Quinn jokes, “Let’s hope.”

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