Panty and Stocking Season 2: What Is the Story of Panty and Stocking Season 2?


Pantyhose and Tights with Garterbelt Season 2 is the unofficial second season of O-Tako Studio’s Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. It continues after season 1’s events. The comic was deleted from the Snafu Comics site on May 12 for reasons that led Dave to expel O-Tako Studio from Snafu.

1st season

The story focuses on the antics of the Anarchy sisters, Panty and Stocking, who were expelled from Heaven for wicked behavior. They are taken to Daten City — a pun on the Japanese word datenshi— a region on the border of Heaven and Hell that is overrun by evil spirits known as “Ghosts.”

panty and stocking season 2

Under the supervision of the reverend Garterbelt, the two are entrusted with collecting enough Heaven Coins to buy their way back into Heaven by slaying Ghosts with their talents, which include the ability to convert their underwear into weapons.

Panty and Stocking, meanwhile, are continually sidetracked by their respective passions for men and sugar.

At the conclusion of the show, once Corset has been defeated, everyone returns home. However, Stocking then reveals to Panty that she was always a demon, severing Panty into little square pieces before leaving the scene.

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What Is the Story of Panty and Stocking Season 2?

1st Chapter

The comic begins with Briefs and Chuck collecting the bits of Panty after Stocking had chopped her into pieces. Scanty and Kneesocks are painting a white house when they unexpectedly become amorous, only to be disturbed by Garterbelt.

To accomplish this, Fastener is tossed at Scanty’s head. Garterbelt reveals that after Brief reassembles Panty, they will need to resurrect her by opening a portal to Hell, which will spark a revolution among the ghost population, and the daemon girls will have to combat them.

The girls beg to play with him, but Garterbelt hits them instead. The girls are given the keys to the vehicle, and Garterbelt gives them directions while Fastener drives.

Scanty then repeats the commitment she and Kneesocks made as they reach their location, but their conversation is abruptly cut short by the explosion of the car.

Corset recalls to Stocking the events surrounding her slicing up Panty and her assertion that once they reach Oten City, nothing can stop them.

Stocking, however, departs to handle some matters on her own as Corset makes his way slowly to Open City. However, upon seeing the demon girls riding her automobile, Stocking hurls her sword at them, producing a massive explosion.

Chapter Two

By the explosion, Scanty, Kneesocks, and Fastener are blown away. Their Kneesocks are on fire, so Scanty immediately removes her garments, resulting in an intimate moment between them.

It is abruptly interrupted by Stocking slicing down on the two females who barely managed to escape. Stocking declares them fortunate that she missed them, to which the girls respond by criticizing her nasty fighting tactics.

They engage in combat, but Stocking swiftly flees to the sewers. Scanty and Kneesocks adhere to her below.

Kneesocks, who is a little terrified, believes she hears a ghost in the sewers, but Scanty reassures her. Kneesocks nevertheless hears something again, prompting Scanty to draw her pistols and charge the unknown. They enter a room that conspicuously displays a ghost stone, with Stocking standing next to it.

panty and stocking season 2

Scanty identifies her as an angel whore and opens fire, but Stocking blocks the bullets with her sword. They continue to fight Stocking, parrying Scanty’s strike and remarking that she is a monster. At this point, the comic was no longer displayed on SnafuComics.

Chapter Three

Griddles, the original author of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Season 2, has contributed Chapter 3 to this page.

Chapter 3 was planned to be a James Bond parody centered on Garterbelt with the title “For Your Ass Only.” The title is a satire, as are all of the show’s episode titles.

In this instance, it refers to “For Your Eyes Only,” the twelfth James Bond film and the fifth in which Roger Moore portrayed 007. This chapter would have featured the introduction of several new characters and a rematch with Stocking, this time in an ocean-themed casino.

In February 2016, Griddles resigned from the project owing to the comic supervisor’s reportedly inappropriate behavior toward him and his fiancee.

As he was not compensated for his efforts because the Studio concealed his cooperation with them, he released all of his scripts to the public, placing Otako Studio in a hazardous position. Their situation deteriorated when they were banned from the Snafu website for additional wrongdoing.

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