Queen of the South Season 5: Cast | Cast and Crew Reaction to Renewal


Queen of the South is an M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller-created American crime drama television series. The series started on USA Network on June 23, 2016, and ran for 62 episodes until June 9, 2021.

It is an adaptation of the Telemundo telenovela La Reina del Sur, which is based on the novel of the same name by Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

The confirmation of Season 5 of Queen of the South was made on August 29, 2019. It has ten episodes, whereas the previous seasons each had thirteen. It debuted in April of 2021. Season 5 is the series’ final season.

5th Season Cast

  • Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza
  • Peter Gadiot as James Valdez

Queen of the South Season 5

  • Hemky Madera as Pote Galvez
  • Molly Burnett portrays Kelly Anne Van Awken JT Campos as Boaz Jimenez
  • Alimi Ballard as Marcel Dumas.


  • Fantasmas
  • Me Llevo Manhattan
  • No Te Pierdas La Cabeza
  • La Situación
  • Mas Dinero Mas Problemas
  • Plata o Plomo
  • El Zorro en La Gallinera
  • Todo Lo Que Toco
  • A Prueba de Balas
  • El Final

Plot Overview

In this season, Teresa expands her empire beyond New York City to Europe. Her aspiration to become “too big to fail” and legitimate is thwarted by an old opponent from the CIA, which has always had other intentions for Teresa.

In this season, Teresa loses more extended family members and finds love. Teresa refuses to be a CIA puppet and devises a plot to fake her death and escape the narco lifestyle permanently.

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On 22 August 2019, Ben Lobato sent a tweet: “Still awaiting the S5 delivery. Burn some candles “. The official writer’s account also tweeted, “RT if you want a fifth season of #QueenOfTheSouth!”

The official Twitter account for Queen of the South posted, “The #QueenFamily is returning. However, where do you believe we will travel next?” and “Tonight is the season finale of #QueenOfTheSouth on @USA Network, but #QueenFamilia… Season 5 is forthcoming “on August 29, 2019.

Likewise, Dailyn Rodriguez tweeted, “Thank you for watching the fourth season. We shall see you for Season 5 next year.” A few days later, the official Queen of the South page reconfirmed Season 5.

Cast and Crew Reaction to Renewal

  • Daily Rodriguez: As I was in a restaurant, I posted a quick link to Variety for the season five announcement. Thank you to the fans, cast, crew, authors, post-production staff, Fox 21, and the USA. Television is a collaborative medium, and we could not create this series without your participation.
  • Ben Lobato: We did it! I am ecstatic that #QueenoftheSouth has been renewed for a fifth season! Congratulations to our incredible #QueenFamily, from cast to crew – it takes a village to raise a queen. Thank you to the incredible fans that made this possible.
  • Hector Reyes: Wow, look at that!
  • Ryan O’Nan: SO DAMN EXCITED! Season Five is So enjoyable to discover this incredible news with this incredible man. @alimiballard is my sibling. Thank you for being fantastic. We are so excited, y’all!! I apologize for referring to you as “my babies.” I have no idea what that was. Just became really excited! WOOHOO!!
  • Ryan O’Nan: WE GOT OUR SEASON 5 FAMILIA!! We have the best ever fans! Thank you for your dedication, humor, and enthusiasm. So much love to my family at @queenonusa!!
  • Alimi Ballard: Davia Carter: Yay!! Muchas gracias a todo la #QueenFamilia!!
  • Vera Cherny: Tonight’s Season Finale will end with a BANG – with a significant announcement! Because: This is how La Reina operates, you guys! CONGRATULATIONS, #QueenFamilia! Such LOVING!

Queen of the South Season 5

  • The author Molly Burnett: WE WILL RETURN FOR MORE!!! Thank you to the world’s most incredible fans for riding alongside us!!! Season 5 is imminent
  • Alice Braga


According to showrunner Ben Lobato, production was scheduled to occur in March and the season premiere was scheduled for June 2020. Sadly, because of the COVID-19 epidemic, this schedule has been pushed back.

On September 22, 2020, showrunner Dailyn Rodriguez revealed that production will resume “very soon!” Ryan O’Nan tweeted in late September 2020 that he anticipated resuming filming Queen of the South “very damn soon.”

JT Campos also verified through Instagram that they are “gearing up and preparing to bring you the best in #QueenoftheSouth’s fifth season.” Henky Madera informed a fan via Cameo that the production would resume filming in October 2020 and be completed by March 2021.

Dailyn Rodriguez tweeted in January 2020 that she would be traveling to New Orleans to produce the seventh episode.

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