What Does Boris Johnson’s Departure Mean for Candidates of Indian Origin and for India?


The political crisis in the United Kingdom will put many ongoing commitments and talks in jeopardy.

With Boris Johnson now serving as a caretaker prime minister, the government remains ineffective until the party elects a new leader to lead the nation. Until then, there will be no policy decisions.

What Does Boris Johnson’s Departure Mean for Candidates of Indian Origin and for India?

Thursday outside 10 Downing Street, Johnson stated, “It is manifestly the decision of the parliamentary Conservative party for there to be a new leader of that party, and thus a new prime minister.”

The consensus of the party. This is the operational portion—neither the will of the people nor that of the opposition.

What Boris Johnson's Departure Means for Candidates of Indian Origin and for India?

Boris Johnson was removed from office by his own party. Therefore, the exact same party will choose the schedule and procedure for a Tory leadership contest that will be publicized the following week.

Is Britain Prepared for an Indian Non-christian?

Former Finance Secretary Rishi Sunak, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, and even Home Secretary Priti Patel have expressed interest in the role of prime minister.

But is the United Kingdom willing to accept a non-Christian, non-white, non-Christian leader? The nation has the opportunity to depict itself as one that transcends the established criteria of the past and forges a new route.

The fact that this 42-year-old man of Indian descent resigned as Chancellor of the Exchequer precipitated a series of resignations against Boris Johnson is a positive development.

He set an example by resigning after Johnson apologized for his February selection of Chris Pincher, a senior Conservative MP who has been accused of sexual abuse, as deputy chief whip. Pincher was forced to resign after being accused of drunkenly fondling two guys.

Sunak’s resignation occurred shortly after Downing Street admitted that the Prime Minister was aware of Pincher’s behavior as early as 2019.

In a time when the nation is struggling to recover financially from the COVID-19 pandemic, not only does Sunak possess a high moral standing, but he also possesses keen financial acumen.

However, his tenure in the Johnson administration is also plagued by controversy. To begin with, he was also implicated in the ‘party gate’ affair and was punished for attending a birthday party at 10 Downing Street alongside Boris Johnson.

In addition, his wife, Akshata Murthy, daughter of Indian IT magnate Narayan Murthy, is under investigation for tax evasion.

To make matters worse, it was later discovered that Sunak had not turned in his US green card while working for the British government. This rule-breaking has not been forgotten.

But it’s not just Sunak; the Conservatives have lost much favor and goodwill among the country’s citizens. However, this dispute is within the party, as they have the necessary numbers to form a government and no one is currently contemplating early elections.

To participate in this campaign, a Conservative lawmaker must be nominated by eight colleagues. If more than two MPs nominate themselves and receive the necessary nominations, then a series of secret ballots is undertaken to determine the leader.

Sajid Javid, the former mayor of London, was the first government official to quit after the Pincher scandal erupted, followed by Sunak.

In 2019, the 52-year-old Conservative leader of Pakistani descent ranked among the top four candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

What Boris Johnson's Departure Means for Candidates of Indian Origin and for India?

He subsequently withdrew from the campaign and supported Johnson. He is once again a candidate, albeit the odds are not mainly in his favor.

Is the Uk Prepared to Welcome a Woman of Indian Descent?

Suella Braverman, who is presently the Attorney General in the UK Cabinet, is one of the first Tory MPs to openly register her leadership ambition following the resignation of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The 42-year-old attorney and highest-ranking legal official in the cabinet is sure to garner support from the pro-Brexit section of her party.

“I am running for office because I believe the 2019 manifesto is fit for purpose, presents a bold and inspirational vision for our country, and I want to fulfill the pledges made in that manifesto.

Braverman, of Goan heritage, stated in a PTI article that he desires to seize the opportunity presented by Brexit, resolve pressing concerns, and slash taxes.

Home Secretary Priti Patel (50), the daughter of Ugandan-Indian parents who immigrated to the United Kingdom in the 1960s, is believed to be a Johnson loyalist and was one of the last Tory leaders to meet with the British prime minister to request his resignation.

Although she didn’t follow Sunak and Javid in resigning from her role, she does look like a possibility for the post.

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