Angelina Jolie Shops in Rome With Her Daughters!


Angelina Jolie was sighted in the Italian capital along with her two teenage daughters and Salma Hayek, who co-starred with Angelina in “The Eternals.” Angelina is going to helm the movie “Without Blood,” which will be shot in Rome by the two actors.

Angelina Jolie Shops In Rome With Her Daughters!

Angelina Jolie is now vacationing in Italy with her kids Vivienne, 13, and Zahara, 17. On Sunday, July 3, the three were seen enjoying the views of the city while shopping at a public market area.

Angelina Jolie Shops in Rome With Her Daughters!

Angelina was seen holding onto what appeared to be some charcuterie before trying on some bracelets, so it’s safe to assume that the three of them made some purchases from the various vendors. Additionally, Zahara kept two little plastic bags of stuff herself in her possession.

The actress, who is 47 years old, braved the sweltering weather by walking down the cobblestone streets in a neutral silk maxi dress designed by Alberta Ferretti. She also wore a pair of platform espadrille sandals with her outfit.

She finished getting ready for the summer by accessorizing her look with a pair of black sunglasses and a camel leather tote bag. The Oscar winner appeared to be wearing no makeup as she pulled her hair back into a bun with a banana clip, thereby highlighting her delicate pearl-drop earrings.

Vivienne and Zahara both maintained a nonchalant demeanor. Vivienne and Zahara both wore baby blue mini dresses and black retro high-top Converse sneakers. Zahara wore a baby blue tiny dress and Vivienne wore the same shoes.

In order to attend The National Gallery in London, England, the youngest daughter of Brad Pitt wore a pair of black lace-up shoes with a pair of black trousers that had straight legs and a black t-shirt. It seems that when they were done shopping, the group proceeded to a cooking school.

Before meeting up with Salma Hayek, the group paid a visit to the renowned restaurant Abiti e Sogni.

Angelina Jolie Shops in Rome With Her Daughters!

Salma Hayek is a good friend of Angelina Jolie and frequently works with her. Since The Eternals, Angelina and Salma have reunited to embark on another project together, this time the film Without Blood, which Angelina will direct and Salma will star in.

After filming in Puglia and Basilicata in Southern Italy, the production of the movie has moved on to Rome, where it is currently in production. On June 22, the actresses were seen filming in the area near the Colosseum.

Notably, Angelina also penned the screenplay for the film, which was based on a best-selling novel written by Italian author Alessandro Baricco.

It was observed that Salma climbed into the back of an SUV along with the rest of her family as they traveled to their next destination.

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