Custom Made YouTube Thumbnail: A Guide top Make Perfect Thumbnail


The phrase “Don’t Judge the Book by its Cover” might sound truthful for the books but when you are on YouTube, you are judged by your cover i.e., Thumbnail. The viewers instantly click your video when they get mesmerized by your thumbnail. You can say that YouTube Thumbnails are the most crucial thing for your videos.

If you are a beginner on YouTube and finding it challenging to gain more audience, you should look up changing your Thumbnail. There are multiple ways by which one can make his YouTube thumbnail. But firstly, you ended up knowing what type of Thumbnail you want to make.

A person who doesn’t have prior knowledge in this field and someone who is starting their YouTube videos may find this thing difficult. But don’t worry! In this article, we’ll be sharing all the information for making your custom Thumbnail.

What Are Custom Made YouTube Thumbnails?

A custom-made YouTube thumbnail means the picture that the person chooses instead of the YouTube itself. Whenever you upload any video on YouTube, it automatically selects any one image and uses it as its thumbnail.

However, there is also an option that allows the user to select their custom-made image. YouTube allows people to choose their custom-made photos.

A Perfect YouTube thumbnail: Late a Look!

There are always some guidelines that one should follow before making the YouTube Thumbnail. If you want to make a perfect thumbnail, here are some tips you should follow. Google has already mentioned some necessary points for the users on how to want to customize their Thumbnail. Take a look at these things and find out about them

  • The size of the image should have a resolution of 1280×720
  • The minimum width of the Thumbnail should not decrease from 640 pixels.
  • The size of the image should not exceed the 2 MB limit.
  • Choose a 16:9 ratio format to make the most out of your thumbnail video.

How to Customize your own YouTube Thumbnail?

There are multiple ways through which you can customize your YouTube thumbnail. You will find multiple photo-editing applications that give users a bunch of features by which they can create a perfect YouTube thumbnail.

Moreover, many applications have customized YouTube thumbnail templates that give easy access to their users. VistaCreate is one such application that has unlimited features for its users. By using the platform, you can create your Captivating thumbnail and garden more audiences.

VistaCreate is a home for those who want to make growth in their YouTube world. In the next few lines, here are some of our favorite features.

Over 50k+ Premium Design

VistaCreate offers fifty-thousands plus designs so that the person can choose the best for themselves. Avery template is unique and will mesmerize you. These templates are made by experts and serve best for those who are in need.

You don’t need to scroll the design on Pinterest or take inspiration from other YouTubers. The application is a one-place destination for your thumbnail.

Resize your image

Google has already set the format for your YouTube thumbnail and this application has already analyzed this. VistaCreate is one of the few applications that are dedicated to YouTube only. You can change the size of your image without destroying its quality.

Choose the Best Fonts

To make your video more appealing, it is said to add things that gained the attention of your readers. Using words is one of the best ways to make your thumbnail more powerful. So, the application has thousands of font styles that will suit your thumbnail. The fonts are the key highlight of your thumbnail so make sure to use the easy-to-read text.

Best Tips for YouTube Thumbnail

While making your own customized YouTube Thumbnail, you should keep a few things in your mind.

Show Your Face

Using a face in your thumbnail will prove the better reach of your video, It will connect your views instantly and they will find attention to the video. Using your face in your thumbnail image has been considered one of the most crucial things for YouTube. It looks catchy and more appealing than a thumbnail without your face.

Practice this method if you were not doing it earlier and see how your reach boosts up after a while.

Use Contrasting Color

One of the most important things while making a YouTube video is the color. When you use text or multiple images, try to highlight everything contrasting to each other. Don’t add a pop of color to your image, rather choose contrasting colors that soothe the eyes of the viewers.

Add Catchy Texts

The words you use in your video’s thumbnail are a real sneak peek of what will happen in the YouTube video. Try using some expressions and catchy things that you think will be helpful for you. Always make sure to use fonts that are visible and easy to use.

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