Top Gun 3 Release Date: Who Will Make a Comeback in It?


Who would have guessed Top Gun: Maverick would be as well-received as it was? We gave it four stars, and the long-awaited sequel is rated 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

With all of the critical acclaim, it’s difficult to see a third Top Gun film not being made. While box office figures have yet to be announced, the picture is expected to do well.

Top Gun 2 took 36 years to complete, and while nothing has been confirmed, we are very confident that if a third picture is created, it will not take another three decades. Here’s what else we may assume about a possible Top Gun 3 film.

How does Top Gun 2 set up a third film?

Top Gun: Maverick, like its predecessor, doesn’t make any explicit intentions for future films, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t drama to mine.

To aid a group of pilots in performing a very challenging mission—bombing up a uranium plant in a practically unreachable location—Pete “Maverick” Mitchell returned to Top Gun.

Like its predecessor, Top Gun: Maverick doesn’t state its clear goals for follow-up movies, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t drama to mine.

Pete “Maverick” Mitchell returned to Top Gun to help a group of pilots complete a complicated mission—bombing up a uranium plant in a nearly inaccessible region.

Top Gun 3 Release Date

All of this is to imply that there is no definitive explanation for how a third movie may reunite us with Pete at Top Gun. It appears highly unlikely that Top Gun 2 will be repeated (where he must train a fresh batch of recruits and pilots).

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Although it wasn’t confirmed, it seemed that Pete Maverick’s final mission in Top Gun: Maverick would be his. After all, he had already been grounded once by his superior ‘Cyclone’ (Jon Hamm) before executing a trick that got him back in the cockpit (oh, Mav!).

A third movie, however, might focus on Maverick’s potential for retirement and his potential struggles adjusting to civilian life (before inevitably being brought back on board, OF COURSE).

The Cast of Top Gun 3

Top Gun is difficult to imagine without the man, but you can never be too careful. The subject of a forthcoming movie might be Miles Teller’s Rooster.

Val Kilmer won’t be playing the part again since his character, Ice Man, was killed off (and not in a catastrophic plane crash).

There’s no denying that Kilmer or another member of the original Top Gun cast may appear in a flashback, given the sparse (and appropriate, in our opinion) usage of vintage Top Gun footage in Top Gun: Maverick.

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Nothing prevents the Hamm mentioned above, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Ed Harris, Monica Barbaro, Charles Parnell, Jay Ellis, Danny Ramirez, Greg Tarzan Davis, Manny Jacinto, and Bashir Salahuddin from making a comeback, as well as Jennifer Connelly.

When Might Top Gun 3 Be Released?

Hopefully not in the next 36 years, because Tom Cruise will be 89. While Harrison Ford has been able to continue making Indiana Jones films until 80, we doubt that will be the case for Top Gun 3.

Top Gun 3 Release Date

There’s always the chance that Top Gun: Maverick’s success will lead to a new Top Gun film sooner rather than later, but for now, everything is entirely hypothetical. We could be looking at another 36 years, for all we know!

Trailer of Top Gun 3

There is no Top Gun 3 footage because this is all theoretical. For now, you can enjoy the available trailer for Top Gun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Miles Teller in the first Top Gun film?

Cruise reprises his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell from the original 1984 Top Gun, while Teller plays Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, Anthony Edwards’ character “Goose” from the first film.

Who is Rooster in Top Gun?

Miles Teller, the star of Top Gun: Maverick, has said that he had ‘conversations’ with Tom Cruise about the possibilities of a Top Gun 3 sequel. Miles Teller recently indicated in an interview that he would like to reprise his role as Lieutenant Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw in Top Gun 3 with Tom Cruise.

What Is the Iconic Top Gun Line?

Here are two of the best Top Gun quotations, ranging from Maverick’s sarcasm to touching pick-me-ups.

  • “I’ll Fly With You.”
  • “The Need For Speed.”
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