Capitani Season 2: What Is the Plot Summary of the Second Season of “Capitani”?


Capitani is a Luxembourgish crime drama series developed by Thierry Faber, Eric Lamhène, and Christophe Wagner that debuted on RTL Télé Luxembourg on October 1, 2019. The series was published elsewhere on Netflix on February 11, 2021.

Who Murdered Arthur Koenig and Andreea in Season 2 of “Capitani”? Who Was Responsible for the Murders?

Luc Capitani began to understand the situation when he noticed that Dominik was getting a substantial amount of money from an unknown source. He had begun dealing drugs on the street through the cabaret ladies he employed.

Capitani Season 2

Luc discovered that the entire shipment of missing cocaine was concealed in the basement. He was aware that he was the murderer of Stella, Andreea, and Arthur. Valentina arrived on the scene and confirmed Luc’s hypothesis.

She stated that she had always thought of her son as a weak link, but he proved her wrong. Luc, however, recognized from his vast experience that something was still missing, and he did not believe that Dominik was capable of handling everything on his own.

In the meantime, Bianca took Lucky to meet his sister, and despite Dominik’s repeated inquiries about Grace’s whereabouts, she remained silent. Luc orchestrated the entire operation because he wanted to discover the true motivations of the individuals involved.

He was aware that once Bianca went with Lucky, Dominik would follow her and be caught red-handed. At the same time, he knew he couldn’t use Lucky as bait, so he created a secure escape route for him and climbed into the front seat of the automobile.

Tony Scholtes, an officer from the Special Intervention Unit, accompanied Elsa Ley to the crime scene. Tony fired at the car, believing that Lucky was inside, but to his astonishment, the notorious ex-cop Luc Capitani emerged.

Dominik did not commit any murders, despite being an integral part of the scheme from the start. Tony was responsible for the deaths of Stella, Andreea, and Arthur. Valentina’s primary motivation was to gain a market monopoly and drive the Nigerians and Koenig daily out of business.

Tony was not motivated solely by financial gain, however, since he harbored a personal grudge dating from his past. Tony was the son of a former coworker of Valentina’s who also worked for Gibbes Koenig.

After his mother’s death at age 21, Valentina adopted Tony, and he and Dominik became great friends. He was mistreated by Koenig, and as a result, he finally became a deranged and aggressive person who did things for sadistic pleasure.

He stated that he did not kill the women out of compulsion, but rather because he enjoyed it. Luc Capitani shot him moments before he stabbed Elsa. Dominik was critically wounded but survived Tony’s gunfire.

Valentina came into an agreement with the authorities and agreed to be their informant, allowing her to avoid prosecution. However, she was unable to escape her fate and was shot to death on the road by Koenig’s operatives, who were evidently still alive.

Carla was murdered by a man named Albuquerque who worked for the Italians and owned the heroin shipment. The Italians, feeling betrayed, murdered Carla.

Bianca decided to leave Valentina’s employ and begin a new life apart from this commotion, so she quit her job with Valentina and moved to an unknown location. She requested Dominik to accompany her, but she knew he could not go against his mother’s wishes.

Cast and Characters

  • Luc Schiltz as Luc Capitani.
  • Sophie Mousel as Elsa Ley.
  • Claude De Demo as Nadine Kinsch.
  • Joe Dennenwald as Joe Mores.
  • Jil Devresse as Jenny / Tanya Engel.
  • Jules Werner as Mick Engel.
  • Raoul Schlechter as Rob Berens.
  • Brigitte Urhausen as Carla Pereira / Sofia Santos.

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What Is the Plot Summary of the Second Season of “Capitani”?

It all began when Luc Capitani received a phone call from a woman named Bianca. Andreea had been missing for several days, so she requested that he search for her.

A few individuals had witnessed Andreea enter the parking lot, where the majority of new recruits avoided visiting. Luc discovered Andreea’s body next to a pond in a nearby forest, where they typically waited for clients. Both Andreea and Bianca worked for Valentina Draga, the cabaret’s proprietor.

They attempted to avoid picking up clients from the street as much as possible, but as a result of the epidemic, their business suffered greatly and they were sometimes forced to do so. Valentina Draga had a son named Dominik Draga, to whom she had assigned a certain duty.

She had requested that he convince Luc to join their team. Valentine understood that her daughters were no longer secure on the streets, and she wanted someone who could utilize his intelligence to avoid any potentially dangerous situations, as well as someone who thinks like police officers.

Luc Capitani was the ideal candidate for the position, but he was difficult to convince to work under someone. He had his own uncompromising ways and means, which frequently did not correspond with the employer’s expectations.

But Valentina was a tenacious lady who did not give up until she obtained what she desired. She persuaded Luc to work for her, and his first assignment was to determine who was murdering the girls.

Near the corpse of Andreea, Luc discovered chicken bones, feathers, and other items that were typically employed in black magic.

It has been known for years that Juju, a sort of black magic, is performed on Nigerian females in order to curse them if they attempt to escape their captors’ control. Luc was convinced that the Nigerians were involved in the murders.

The Nigerians had developed their own community, in which the men primarily sold narcotics on the street and the women were exploited sexually. Some of these females worked for Valentine, while others worked for Gibbes Koeing, the proprietor of the Mont Blanc cabaret.

Valentina may be in charge of a great deal in the city, but Gibbes was the true leader. Valentina used to work for him as a sex worker before beginning her own business.

She was still required to send Koenigs a portion of her profits, though. She suggested to him that they enter the narcotics trade and put Nigerians out of work. However, Gibbes disapproved of that. His business was still thriving, unlike Valentina’s, thus he did not want any engagement with narcotics.

Even Elsa Ley was in the city and had been working for the Special Intervention Unit, Luc Capitani learned.

Capitani Season 2

Together with Tony Scholtes, her colleague from the customs department who volunteered for a transfer, they were attempting to gather evidence against all of the peddlers. Elsa was surprised to see Luc in the city, as they had had little contact over the preceding few years.

In addition to the special intervention team, the prosecutor’s office also had a particular interest in the area. The prosecutor’s office dispatched Luc to investigate establishments such as Blue Diamond, Le Carat, and Mont Blanc, where, in addition to the cabaret, a number of other unlawful acts took place.

They had dispatched an officer named Cojocaru Pascale, also known as Cousin Paulette, to monitor Luc. In reality, the prosecutor’s office was blackmailing Luc by threatening to reopen the file on Vincent Da Costa if he stopped doing his duties.

Grace, a sex worker like Andreea, was brutally murdered in a manner similar to Andreea’s. Luc was only becoming acquainted with the city’s dynamics when Grace was murdered.

Unaware of these events, Grace’s brother Lucky had traveled to the city in search of his sister. Lucky had also begun dealing narcotics with the Nigerian gang and had begun inquiring about her sister’s whereabouts.

Luc locates him and saves him from Elsa and Toni, who were pursuing him because he repeatedly dialed Grace’s number before she died. Luc performed as a double agent. He was attempting to determine who murdered the girls while also supplying information to the prosecutor’s office.

Time was of the essence, and it was crucial to devise a strategy against the Nigerians, but just then, a new development occurred. Luc had learned that along the Belgian border, there was a Brazilian who supplied the city with illegal substances.

With Dominik, he went to investigate the place. Dominik acted out of the blue, and the situation spiraled out of control.

Luc is surprised to discover Carla Periera on the scene. She worked in the distribution industry and was able to remedy the situation. The participation of Carla required Luc to reconsider his plans and review his possibilities.

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