‘Jersey Shore 2.0’ Has a Filming Location in New Jersey!


MTV fans, there’s a new Jersey Shore in town: Jersey Shore 2.0 is slowly but surely becoming a reality. Find out where 495 Productions will film the series, what we know so far about the brand-new cast and our best estimate for the series’ debut date.

‘Jersey Shore 2.0’ Is Happening Despite the Outrage of the Original Cast

In May of 2022, Deadline announced Jersey Shore 2.0. The logline states, “Thirteen years have passed since the famous cast of Jersey Shore fist-pumped its way into our lives and stole our hearts.”

'jersey Shore 2.0' Has a Filming Location in New Jersey!

“A new group of housemates has moved into their own Shore house, continuing a time-honored practice.

They may have swapped their poofs for plumped pouts and their UV rays for spray tans, but when the temperature rises in New Jersey, the Jersey Shore is still the location to build summertime memories.”

The original cast of Jersey Shore expressed their dislike of the new series via social media. “As a cast that took a chance with a struggling network, we broadcast our most vulnerable moments for the world to see,” they stated at the time.

“Over the past 13 years, we have given our all, formed a family, and continue to offer our lives to the world. Please realize that we do not endorse a version that exploits our original show, our hard work, and our originality in order to attract viewers.”

TMZ reports that MTV viewed their response as “ungrateful.” They added, “It’s horrible that they would attack the network.” In addition, executives denied their claims that the network was in difficulty before Jersey Shore.

New ‘jersey Shore’ Episodes Are Being Filmed Around the Atlantic City Inlet

When Deadline originally revealed Jersey Shore 2.0, 495 Productions had difficulty locating a suitable location for production. A New Jersey publication stated that manufacturers were scouting the two barrier islands in Ocean County, including Lavallette.

Due to the “reputation” that the original series gave Seaside Heights, this town declined its request to film there. Several other localities, including Berkeley, Toms River, and Brick Township, denied the production firm.

Now, a second local source confirmed that filming is taking place in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Numerous cameras have been installed in a renovated mansion on the first block of Atlantic Avenue close to the inlet. During the filming of Jersey Shore 2.0, the production also erected a big backyard fence for seclusion.

Release Date Estimation for “Jersey Shore 2.0”

The official release date for Jersey Shore 2.0 is unclear at the time of publication. According to Airbnb, the Atlantic City mansion has been booked until mid-August.

'jersey Shore 2.0' Has a Filming Location in New Jersey!

Based on the original Jersey Shore production schedule, fans may be able to view episodes of Jersey Shore 2.0 in time for the anniversary of the first series in December 2022.

“Jersey Shore 2.0” Will Have a Whole New Cast

Uncertain if casting has begun for Jersey Shore 2.0. However, audiences can anticipate an entirely new ensemble when the show premieres on MTV.

Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for information on Jersey Shore 2.0’s official release date, casting, and more.

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