Purple Hearts Trailer, Release Date: Who Is in the Cast of This Film?


This July, Netflix will release a new film for all of its young adult (and young-at-heart) customers. Purple Hearts is a romantic story about Cassie and Luke, a poor musician and a troubled marine who married for convenience.

Their lives are turned upside down as love and disaster collide, but will they be able to overcome it all?

Here’s everything we know about Purple Hearts, the next Netflix original.

Who Is in the Cast of the Purple?

The cast of Purple Hearts includes actors with experience in the young adult film genre. Sofi Carson will portray Cassie, a musician dealing with difficulties in life and struggling to pay her medical costs.

Carson has portrayed endearing characters in movies like Feel the Beat and Songbird from Netflix. She also played a prominent role in the Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists spin-off television series.

Luke, a marine who marries Cassie out of practicality, is portrayed by Nicholas Galitzine opposite Carson. Galitzine will play Prince Henry in the cinematic version of the Red, White, and Royal Blue romance novel.

purple heart trailer release date

Perhaps one of his most notable performances was as Prince Robert in Amazon Prime’s version of the fairy tale Cinderella. Breana Raquel as Riley, Kendal Chappel as Mila, and Sarah Rich as Hailey are the other actors that have joined the cast thus far.

Additionally, more performers will appear in the film, including Nicholas Duvernay as Armando and Kaitlin Huwe as Kylie. While we await further details about their characters, additional performers will be added to the Purple Hearts cast.

Linden Ashby, Anthony Ippolito, John Harlan Kim, and Chosen Jacobs are among the cast members. Sean Berube, Josh Cruze, Leroy Edwards III, Scott Deckert, Kat Cunning, and Rand Guerrero are also a part of it.

When Does the Purple Film Release?

Purple Hearts will be available to stream on Netflix on July 29, 2022.

Alloy Entertainment originally had the global rights to the film, but Netflix purchased them in August 2021. The film’s shooting began soon after, with most of the sequences being shot in Riverside and San Diego, California.

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What Will Be the Plot of the Purple?

If the Purple Hearts film follows the Tess Wakefield novel’s premise, we may expect a lot of drama punctuated by the efforts of two people trying to sort through their traumas.

purple heart trailer release date

We are still waiting for further information about the film’s official narrative, but Netflix has released the official synopsis.

Is There a Purple Hearts Trailer?

Purple Hearts has a sneak peek, which Netflix published on June 22, 2022. If a full trailer for the film will be released, we are still waiting.

Luke, who was deployed, was pictured in the sneak look working at a computer in a busy office at the military camp base where he was stationed.

He was on a video conversation with his wife, Cassie, who was performing a new song she had written in honor of all the American soldiers serving their country abroad.

When Cassie is done, we hear her sing and hear everyone applaud. The Purple Hearts sneak look may be seen here:

Where Can I See the Purple Hearts?

Purple Hearts will be available exclusively on Netflix when it is launched on July 29. Many titles on Netflix will be found around the same time as Purple Hearts.

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On the streaming service, you can also view Boo, Bitch, Resident Evil Live-Action, Persuasion, The Gray Man, Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between. The film is a promising idea that has piqued the interest of many enthusiasts.

Purple Hearts depicts the difficulties that military spouses encounter anytime they are deployed and the challenges they face when or if they return home. We’re excited to see how the film addresses these issues and whether Cassie and Luke’s love triumphs over all.

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