Paul Boukadakis Net Worth 2022: The Relationship Status of Paul Boukadakis?


Paul Boukadakis is a media and technology entrepreneur from the United States. He is the co-founder and CEO of Wheel, a video-sharing app Tinder purchased in 2017. Following the acquisition, he was promoted to Tinder’s VP of Special Initiatives.

Paul is most known as the confirmed boyfriend of Ana de Armas, a Cuban-Spanish actress.

Paul Boukadakis’s Early Life

Paul Boukadakis, the well-known actor, was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on February 9th, 1984. According to his IMDb page, he was raised in refugee camps.

Boukadakis is 37 years old, according to his birth date (as of 2021). He enjoys his birthday cake every year on February 9th. Paul is claimed to have graduated from a respected university in Oklahoma.

He also attended Bishop Kelley High School, where he graduated in 2003. When he was finished, he shifted his focus to acting. Paul is now an established actor and businessman in the entertainment industry. He has also gained a sizable following in the corporate world.

Paul Boukadakis’s Family

After extensive research, we found that Paul is a member of a well-established joint family. His parents brought him up as a Christian. He is an Aquarius based on his birth date. Paul is a white Caucasian Christian who grew up in the United States.

According to Paul’s family, his father, Michael Boukadakis, is the founder of the information technology company ENACOMM. Meanwhile, I’ll tell you that his father also attended the University of Oklahoma.

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His mother’s name is Paula Francis Wagner. Paul’s siblings are Autumn Boukadakis (sister), Joey Boukadakis (brother), and Sunny Boukadakis (sister) (sister). According to accounts, Joey, his brother, founded General Specific, a creative strategy advice agency.

paul boukadakis net worth

Autumn, their other sibling, owns Spindle Design Co., an interior design firm (an interior design studio). Paul treasures the time he spends with his family.

Paul Boukadakis’ Nearest and Dearest (Nationality & Ethnicity)

Following considerable research, we concluded that Paul is a member of an old and respected joint family.

Paul, who hails from a Caucasian family, is a devout follower of Christianity. He was brought up in the Christian faith by his parents. According to the date of his birth, his horoscope sign is Aquarius.

Paul Boukadakis’s Career

According to his IMDB page, Boukadakis began working in the entertainment industry in 2007. He broke into the spotlight with his acting debut, Rushers (directed by his brother Joey).

In addition to his previous duties, Paul is an actor and producer. In a feature film, he made his acting debut as Kyle Easley.

The first of numerous movies and television shows in which he appeared were A Fuchsia Elephant and Dinner with Raphael. Two short films she worked on with Diamond were The Snow Monster and Lucy in the Sky.

Paul Boukadakis’s Estimated Net Worth

As of 2022, Paul Boukadakis’ net worth is approximately $20 million. From his software and media entrepreneur efforts, he has amassed a sizable sum of money.

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The Relationship Status of Paul Boukadakis?

Rumor has it that Paul Boukadakis’s relationship with the Cuban actress Ana de Armas drove his meteoric rise to fame.

In September of 2021, they are scheduled to make their very first appearance before the general public at JFK Airport.

paul boukadakis net worth

It has been reported that Paul and Ana have been seeing each other since July 2021. Before she started dating Paul, Ana was previously involved with Ben Affleck.

Based on our research, Boukadakis appears to be unmarried. According to sources, she married Marc Clotet between 2011 and 2013. Nonetheless, Paul Boukadakis’ previous romances and affairs are unknown.

Paul Boukadakis’s Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

The optimal height and weight for Paul Boukadaki are 5’11” and 75 kg, respectively. He has dark brown hair and eyes that catch the eye. Paul’s distinct attractiveness and genuine charisma set him apart. He also has a standard build.


According to media reports, Paul Boukadakis is worth between $13 million and $20 million. Boukadakis holds the positions of vice president and chief financial officer for Tinder.

The 37-year-old created and served as CEO of On-Airstreaming before beginning his current role, which TCP acquired in 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Have Ana and Paul Been Together?

Following their split, Affleck restarted his twenty-year romance with Jennifer Lopez, proposing for the second time in April 2022. De Armas, however, has moved on and is currently dating Tinder CEO Paul Boukadakis.

Does Ana De Armas Have a Bf?

Following her ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck’s PDA-filled meal with his ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez, Ana de Armas seemed to have moved on from their tumultuous relationship. According to various people who spoke to Page Six, the actress is reportedly dating Tinder VP Paul Boukadakis.

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