Maggie Season 2: Has Hulu’s Maggie Been Renewed for a Second Season?


Maggie is a Hulu original series about a clairvoyant who can glimpse the future by touching people’s hands. Because she never sees her own future, things become tricky when she sees herself in the future of another man.

The show, created by Justin Adler and Maggie Mull, is an unconventional romantic comedy that promises to be a lot of fun. The possibility of dating while knowing the outcome of every relationship is a fascinating thought.

The inaugural season establishes the foundation for future events. Maggie’s love life appears to take an even more difficult turn as the story comes to a close. If you are curious about when the second season will premiere and where Maggie’s tale will continue, we have you covered.

Has Hulu’s Maggie Been Renewed for a Second Season?

As of this moment, Hulu has not yet decided if they will continue airing Maggie or not. That being the case, we have little choice but to play the waiting game in the hopes that the streamer would continue telling more of this story.

Maggie Season 2

Since the first episode of the series was only shown on July 6, the production firm would want to allow the audience some time to catch up on it before analyzing the viewership data.

The episodes of the first season of Maggie are only 22 minutes long, so those of us who are professionals at binge-watching should find it easy to get through it quickly. I will add that romantic comedy isn’t a terrible thing to watch on its whole.

To tell you the truth, it might have been done in fewer than 13 episodes. Even though it is supposed to be a romantic comedy, the gags aren’t really all that humorous and there is a lot of stuff that could have been cut out.

Give the show a chance if you’re looking for something to watch but don’t have much time on your hands. If not, you should probably not bother with this series.

Date of the Release of Maggie Season 2

The first season of Maggie was made available on Hulu on July 6, 2022. Each of the thirteen episodes, which ranged in duration from 20 to 25 minutes, was made available all at once.

On the second season of the show, Hulu has not yet made any formal announcements regarding the show’s continuation.

There is a chance that the show will return for additional episodes to expand upon the cliffhanger that was left hanging at the end of the previous one, which left the destiny of the show’s characters in a precarious position.

On the other hand, a significant amount of it would be determined by how well it is received by the audience. In any event, we anticipate that the second season of “Maggie” will debut sometime in 2024, provided that the streaming service gives it the go-ahead to do so.

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Casting for Maggie Season 2: Who Should Be in It?

Rebecca Rittenhouse plays the lead part in the television series ‘Maggie,’ and it is anticipated that she will reprise her role as the psychic who is able to foresee the future in the upcoming second season.

  • It is also anticipated that David Del Rio would resume his role as Ben, Maggie’s potential love interest.
  • Chloe Bridges will reprise her role as Jessie in order to maintain the tension created by a love triangle.
  • Without Maggie’s best friend Louise, who is portrayed by Nichole Sakura, and
  • her psychic instructor Angel, who is portrayed by Ray Ford,  the story of Maggie would not be complete.
  • Maggie’s parents, who are played by Kerri Kenney and Chris Elliott, will also make a return appearance in the second season of the show.
  • Angelique Cabral and Leonardo Nam, who previously played Amy and Dave, will also reprise their roles.
  • During the second season of the show, the character of Sam, played by Andy Favreau, might be given greater screen time.

Maggie Season 2

Because Maggie is still unmarried when Season 1 comes to a conclusion, we anticipate that she will have new love interests, which indicates that the show will welcome some new cast members.

What Could the Storyline of Season 2 of Maggie Be About?

The wedding of Amy and Dave marks the conclusion of the first season of Maggie. It would appear that Ben and Jessie have finally worked out their differences and are now engaged, which means that another wedding could soon be on the horizon.

It would appear that Maggie’s original idea is going to end up being realized after all. But then, she gets another vision, and this time, she sees herself as Ben’s bride. This time, she sees herself as Ben’s bride.

There is unquestionably something between Ben and Maggie, and in the upcoming season, we anticipate seeing more of their interactions, which will further exacerbate the already fraught relationship between the two of them.

We’ll learn more about Ben and Jessie’s history, including the reasons behind their prior breakups and how their current relationship is impacted by Maggie’s presence now that their wedding is just around the corner.

In the second season, there will be more time to delve into Maggie’s abilities and investigate the possibility that the future is not as set in stone as it initially appears.

Maggie’s vision, as well as the reason why she experienced a vision block before the wedding, will be further explored here.

In addition, the second season will go more into Louise’s romantic relationships, especially now that it appears that she may have found “the one” in Sam.

It would be interesting to find out what Maggie sees in her visions about them and how their relationship is impacted as a result of her visions.

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