Emily Ratajkowski Has Reportedly Split From Her Husband After 4 Years of Marriage


According to People, Emily Ratajkowski and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard have reportedly split up, with Ratajkowski ending their four-year marriage.

“They split recently,” a source close to Ratajkowski said. Em made the decision. She is doing well. She is strong and dedicated to her son. She enjoys being a mother.” Ratajkowski intends to file for divorce, according to the source.

Ratajkowski was spotted out and about in New York City without her wedding band, which prompted People’s article.

Additionally, it comes just after a source informed Page Six that Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard were divorcing due to the latter’s alleged infidelity.

According to a person close to Ratajkowski, “Yeah, he cheated.” He repeatedly cheats. It stinks.

Rumors of a breakup surfaced last week when Ratajkowski was photographed without her wedding ring on Thursday. On Monday, a “source close to Ratajkowski” confirmed the split to People, saying, “They split recently.”

Em made the decision. She is doing well. She is strong and dedicated to her son. She enjoys being a mother.” Ratajkowski, according to the insider, intends to file for divorce.

Emily Ratajkowski Has Reportedly Split From Her Husband

Yes, we live in a world where Jay-Z had an affair with Beyoncé and Drake ghosted Bella Hadid.

Nothing makes sense, and society is one big playground for mediocre men.

Nonetheless, I’m still stunned by this—cheating on Emily Ratajkowski.

Ratajkowski is the epitome of gravity-defying, unattainable, sexist beauty standards, and Bear-McClard—whose go-to identifier is “that’s her husband?”—cheated on her?

If you put the words “some guy” in human form or searched “some guy” on Google Images, you’d get Bear-McClard.

Their Relationship Was Never Public

Besides the PDA-heavy, dry-humping photos of Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard posted to her Instagram, and their relationship was always relatively private.

They got engaged after only a few weeks of dating but had known each other for years.


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Ratajkowski made a few mentions about Bear-McClard in her memoir My Body from 2021. He wanted to let Ratajkowski know that she actively supports the same economic system she despises—she claimed he said, “C’mon, baby.

Admit it, and you are a capitalist as well. She also remembers having challenging discussions with her therapist about her inability to accept her spouse has feelings for other women.

Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard have yet to respond to reports of their breakup or the serial cheating allegations against Bear-McClard.

In any case, in difficult times (when similar versions of “some guy” have hurt me), I keep a list of assorted goddesses who aggressively mediocre men have screwed over as a security blanket, and Ms. Ratajkowski will now be added to this list.

Being dumped stinks—no, there’s a way to soften the blow. But, at the very least, she looks the way she does, and she could easily find a partner who won’t elicit “that’s him???” reactions—a faithful Sebastian Stan, Robert Pattinson, or Devin Booker type of man. Emily, think big!! Summer is here, and the world is your oyster!

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