Jay-Z Reveals Why He Does Not Participate in Social Media!


His life is open to the widest possible audience. Beyoncé, who is widely regarded as one of the most successful musicians in the world, is his wife.

Jay-z Reveals Why He Does Not Participate in Social Media!

He is a rapper who has successfully reached the rank of billionaire, and his life consists of taking lavish vacations and creating music.

Jay-z Reveals Why He Does Not Participate in Social Media!

But despite all of that, he is selective about the information that he shares with the rest of the world, which is why he dislikes using social media.

Jay-Z, who is also a businessman and a musician, has stated that “it’s just not for him.” Even after a year in which he did not go on tour or release an album, the rapper Shawn Corey Carter, who was born in Brooklyn, does not require an introduction.

However, despite having a following that spans the globe, the rapper, who is now 52 years old, hardly has a presence online. A short while ago, he established an Instagram page, but it was deleted exactly one day later.

In the episode of Heart to Heart that he hosted for Peacock’s, Kevin Hart conducted an interview with the rapper.

Jay-Z claims that his father has no intention of joining social media platforms, despite the fact that he is a firm believer in evolution in all of its conceivable forms.

The CEO of Roc Nation discussed his relationship with social media and explained why he does not participate in its activities.

“I’m not interested in it. It is not up to me to become involved. That is not the environment in which I was raised. When he joined Instagram in November of 2021, he caused a sensation on the internet. He claims that a friend convinced him to do it.

“I let Lenny gas me. At J. Cole’s show, he claimed, “We was drinking,” but he didn’t elaborate.

In the very first tweet that he published under the name @jayz, he promoted the film The Harder They Fall, as well as the soundtrack that he had produced.

However, just one day later, he erased the page, which within a short period of time had amassed approximately one million followers.

Jay-z Reveals Why He Does Not Participate in Social Media!

“People went crazy about it, and the next morning it was on the cover of TIME magazine. “I was like, this is too much, shut it down,” he tells Kevin. “I was like, this is too much, shut it down.”

Although he does not actively manage any other social media apps, he does have an official Twitter page under the name @sc, which has three million followers, and from which he tweets once in a while.

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