Dark Winds Season Finale: Who and Why Killed Hosteen and Anna?


Season One Finale Recap and Explanation – Dark Winds Graham Roland created the American psychological thriller television show Dark Winds based on Tony Hillerman’s Leaphorn & Chee novel series.

It had its broadcast debut on AMC and AMC+ on June 12, 2022. The initial season contained six episodes. The show has been renewed for a second six-episode season that will premiere in 2023.

The show focuses on two Navajo police officers named Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee in the 1970s Southwest. People of Darkness and Listening Woman (1978) are the main inspirations for the first season (1980).

The first season of ‘Dark Winds’ concludes with a few shocks and a great deal of violence. With the conclusion of the mystery that had been accumulating since the first episode, each character receives their just reward.

As the true intentions and goals of each individual are revealed, the loose ends are tied off one by one. Everything eventually becomes as disorganized as it was before. Here is all the information you need to comprehend the conclusion of “Dark Winds.”

Recap of the Season 1 Finale of ‘Dark Winds’

The hiding locations of Frank Nakai and James Tso in the caves are where everyone gathers. Joe Leaphorn attempts to stop them on his own but nearly perishes in the process. Jim cautions Bernadette regarding Whatever.

Dark Winds Season Finale

Once they get to the residence of Hosteen Tso, she leaves the FBI agent alone. As she approaches the cave, Jim appears, engages Whitover in combat, and is shot in the arm.

Bernadette saves the Mormon family from Leaphorn while Nakai and Tso smoke him out. After ensuring their safety, she and Jim return to the cave, but Whitover has already arrived. The partnership between Whitover and Tso is a secret to both Leaphorn and Nakai.

While the two of them divide the money, Leaphorn falls into the pit where the Mormon hostages are being held. Then, Nakai gets shot. Whitover and Tso escape the cave with their respective share of the riches. As Leaphorn pursues Tso, Chee engages Whitover.

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Explanation of ‘Dark Winds’ Season 1 Finale Ending

What first appeared to be a simple heist turns out to be a very complicated crime. It turns out that Whitover was involved from the start and was not seeking the Buffalo society’s punishment but rather his own share of the benefits.

In addition to Chee being Navajo, he sent him to the reservation for an additional reason. Whitover was aware that he would need a fallen man in the event that an insider was suspected of participating in the robbery.

Then, others would realize that Chee joined the Buffalo society due to his Navajo heritage. Thus, he had given Chee a bogus promotion and salary increase.

Guy, Anna’s father, overhears Whitover insulting Anna as Chee talks about murdering or arresting him. When he shoots him, Whitover is dead instantly.

Bernadette arrives just in time for Chee to conceal the murder by carrying Whitover’s body and the money into the cave and detonating them. Nobody would ever know that Guy was present as well.

Leaphorn gets overwhelmed by Tso while following him to Hosteen’s residence. They debate his crimes and the fact that turning himself in is his only option. James Tso allows Leaphorn to depart and then commits suicide since he was unprepared for such a scenario.

A few months later, we find out that the issue has been rectified, but Leaphorn must still iron out a few small issues. Chee returns to his home after leaving the FBI with plans to remodel it. Chee refuses to name Guy when pressed by Leaphorn to describe what transpired in the cave.

However, it turns out that the contradiction in the account is due to the fact that only Whitover’s body was discovered in the cave. In his report, Chee also referenced Nakai and the cash, yet both were absent.

This shows that Nakai was not actually dead when Whitover shot him. Rather, he likely exited the cave via a passage that no one else knew about and fled with the money.

Who and Why Killed Hosteen and Anna?

The double murder of Hosteen Tso and Anna Atcitty acts as the first act of the events of the first season.

After the horrible incident, Officers Leaphorn and Chee conduct an investigation that exposes numerous disturbing details, but the identity of the perpetrator remains a mystery until the very end.

In the sixth episode, when Frank Nakai interviews James Tso about the murders, James Tso denies any involvement. Instead, he asks a follow-up question: Did Nakai have greater faith in the police than in his own partner?

It was implied that Tso was involved because he did not flatly deny the police’s allegations. Chee discovers that Tso’s fingerprints have been found at the crime scene, establishing his involvement.

Whitover later informs Tso about the fingerprints, but Tso does not dispute the FBI agent. This lends credence to the notion that James Tso murdered his uncle Hosteen.

Dark Winds Season Finale

How did James manage to murder his own uncle? He responds, “For the cause.” James Tso was fed up with the unjust treatment of his countrymen in their own country. He devoted his life to the revolt against the oppressive capitalist system.

He committed several atrocities under the name of the Buffalo Society. When he realized the truth about the dig site and how Vines meant to violate Navajo-owned land, his purpose became very clear.

Tso concocted a plan to thwart him involving a robbery that ended in multiple deaths. Throughout the course of the season, Tso kills multiple people, most of whom are Navajo.

Frank Nakai begins to tire of his routine, despite his justification that it is “for the cause.” Nakai believed that his people would gain much from joining Tso at the moment.

As he traveled, however, he saw a growing number of his people suffer at the hands of the guy who claimed to be able to help them. For this reason, Tso concealed information about his uncle and Anna.

James Tso first murdered Hosteen because he required protection from Father Benjamin. He would encounter difficulties since Hosteen would recognize him. James was sent to a boarding school where he was mistreated under the pretense of “civilization,” which may have been a contributing factor.

He expected that his family would defend him, but they sent him away instead. He attacked Hosteen as a result of his anger. However, he did not precisely kill Anna. Ada’s usage of black magic led to her death. As evidence, there is a white streak in the girl’s hair.

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