Don Mclean, Singer of “American Pie,” Discusses the Underlying Meaning of His 50-year-old Song!


Don McLean discusses what Garth Brooks, a legendary figure in country music, had to say about the classic.

Don Mclean, Singer of “American Pie,” Discusses the Underlying Meaning of His 50-year-old Song!

Don McLean, the singer who made famous the song “American Pie,” has been performing his hit for the past half a century.

Don Mclean, Singer of "American Pie," Discusses the Underlying Meaning of His 50-year-old Song!

McLean recently gave an interview to Fox News Digital, during which he discussed the praise that he received from country music legend Garth Brooks, who appears in the recently released documentary “The Day the Music Died: The Story of Don McLean’s ‘American Pie.”

McLean is best known for writing the song “American Pie,” which became a huge hit in the 1970s.

The project centers on McLean and his verse “the day the music died,” which will have its world premiere on Tuesday on Paramount+.

According to what McLean heard, the musician believed it to be “possibly one of the finest songs in the history of music.” “In addition to that, he has a lot of insightful things to say throughout the film.

Additionally, it is a very personal statement of his passion for the song, which dates back to when he was only a young boy.

He believes that the song is, in some way, a reflection of his musical life and career and that the song was the impetus for him to pursue a profession in music.”

Regarding the proverb, McLean had this to say about it: “Well, the day the music died, is a metaphor for death, of course, but for the death of the soul, music is comparable to spiritual life.”

Before explaining the significance of the song’s lyrics, he continued by stating, “And so, you know, if the music dies, the spirit dies.” “And so each verse of ‘American Pie’ adds another layer of the story that happened on that day that the music died.

Everything about it, in the end, is lyrical. You should know that this is not prose; rather, it is designed to be interpreted in a metaphorical manner. A significant portion of the song, as well as a significant amount of songwriting.”

After that, McLean continued by discussing the process that was used to make “American Pie.”

“To tell you the truth, I believe that the documentary will be entertaining, just like the song is. I’ve been wanting to discuss the lyrics for half a century, and I think I’m finally going to get the chance to do so.

When I do, I plan to do so in an authentic manner, in which I really explain how everything came to pass, and you’ll get to see how much negativity I had to triumph over “McLean said.

“The musicians weren’t able to play the song, the producer didn’t think I had any talent, and I decided to work with him nonetheless. You should know that the music lasted eight minutes and fifty seconds, yet you never got any plays.

And there were a lot of hurdles that needed to be overcome in order to get this item to a place where people can hear it.”

“First off, I’m proud, and I think the rest of my family is proud of me too. And I believe both my father and mother or at the very least my mother, had great pride in me.” McLean said.

“My dad was completely in the dark about everything that had taken place with me. However, I am of the opinion that you know, their pride is something that, in a way, might be harmful.

I just think that it’s if I gave people happy if I give them insight into maybe one or two things if I turned them on to rock and roll if I turned them on to folk music if I turned them on to a little bit of American cultural history “said McLean.

Don Mclean, Singer of "American Pie," Discusses the Underlying Meaning of His 50-year-old Song!

“And you should know that it fills me with joy that the fact that it does gives my life purpose. I’m delighted I did. That marks the beginning of an adventure.

Before you can start really, you know, getting pretty going, you need to begin with an interest in something.

In addition, I do not believe that the majority of music exposes anyone to anything of the sort. That is what sets ‘American Pie’ apart from other works and makes it so wonderful.”

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