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How did a Bodega Boys Fan Account reveal Desus and Mero’s Breakup?

Monday brought bad news to the Bodega Hive when Showtime announced that Desus & Mero would conclude after four seasons.

How did a Bodega Boys Fan Account reveal Desus and Mero’s Breakup?

The network also stated that Desus Nice (a.k.a. Daniel Baker) and The Kid Mero (a.k.a. Joel Martinez) was dissolving their whole partnership.

How a Bodega Boys Fan Account Revealed Desus and Mero's Breakup?

Showtime stated that Desus Nice and The Kid Mero will pursue independent artistic ventures in the future. They “have created a name for themselves as witty cultural observers in comedy and late-night television.”

It was news that their fan base feared yet anticipated. In recent days, rumors began circulating that the two, who began collaborating on the Desus vs. Mero podcast in 2013, had parted ways.

Last weekend, the speculation reached a fever pitch due to the Bodega Boys Daily Twitter fan account, which had stitched together various odd public comments from both men over the previous weeks.

Rebecah Jacobs, 27, who manages the Bodega Boys Daily account, stated, “I thought maybe a couple of hundred die-hard fans would see it and be outraged… and that’s it.”

“Once I noticed it was spreading and their names were trending on Twitter, I recognized it had become a lot bigger topic and that they would likely have to react on it, but I figured it would be a simple response to my post.”

Jacobs, who currently resides in Los Angeles, began listening to Desus & Mero’s Bodega Boys podcast during his college years in New York City. “In 2015, a couple of my coworkers at a shoe store included me in a few episodes of their podcast,” she told Gothamist.

“Listening to their crazy chats on my daily one-hour subway trip to and from work quickly became the highlight of my day.”

Beyond podcasts, the duo expanded into books (God-Level Knowledge Darts: Life Lessons From the Bronx) and a Showtime television series (which started on Viceland). They made prominent appearances disparaging Taylor Swift on the Tonight Show and clashing with DJ Envy of the Breakfast Club.

It simply increased their fan base’s fervor. “I believe most of us feel like we’ve grown with them and greatly cherish that,” added Jacobs. “Their brand has always been genuine and unfiltered, making fans feel like they’re chatting with real-life pals.”

She created the Twitter fan account in 2017 with the intention of being recruited to handle social media for their podcast/show but discovered that she enjoyed connecting with other fans. (She is currently a copywriter for Fanatics’ Zerocool brand, which manufactures trading cards based on pop culture and entertainment.)

Jacobs initially suspected that all was not well with Desus & Mero earlier this summer when Desus stated that he would be guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live by himself.

“Once I noticed that it dawned on me that they’ve been spending more and more time apart recently, which made me suspect that something was up,” she stated.

“More recently, when releasing videos and photos from their MLB All-Star Game appearance, I noted that they arrived separately and shot a lot of footage on their own, so I assumed there was animosity between them.”

In June, the duo had just finished filming the fourth season of their Showtime series, which featured interviews with former President Barack Obama, President Joe Biden, Derek Jeter, Missy Elliott, Denzel Washington, and others.

She said that she does not typically broadcast rumors or gossip on the fan page, but she made an exception “At one point, all of my posts were overwhelmed with comments asking where the podcast was.

Therefore, when I discovered that both Desus and Mero had remarked on it via their public Twitter/Reddit accounts, essentially confirming that it was ended, I felt that all the fans who followed me needed to know.”

She was stunned when Showtime announced the cancellation less than twenty-four hours later “Several years ago, they referred to me and the page on their podcast, making jokes about Selena being murdered by an ex-fan and comparing me to Yolanda Saldivar.

This old joke was one of the first things that sprang to mind “Jacobs stated. “Obviously, I had nothing to do with the actual cancellation of the show or podcast, but it’s obvious that they weren’t going to make any announcements until my tweet went viral, so I felt responsible for all the press and for some people losing their jobs.”

Fans are currently guessing the precise reasons for the divorce. Jacobs has seen both guys numerous times over the years, and their bond felt genuine, so she can only guess that it was difficult to fake their friendship on TV and in the podcast.

In reality, Desus contacted her on Monday, mere hours after the show’s announcement of their separation.

“Desus sent me a message apologizing for the sudden end of the podcast and show,” she stated. He informed her that he “truly tried to save things,” she added, “but I believe most of the followers are more unhappy about the termination of a real-life friendship than a podcast or television series.”

How did a Bodega Boys Fan Account reveal Desus and Mero's Breakup?

Jacobs intends to continue the Twitter account and cover their distinct upcoming projects for the time being.

She stated, “Desus and Mero made a lot of people happy, which is the nicest legacy you can leave behind.” “Less and less laughter is available these days, which makes their separation all the more heartbreaking.

However, they have continued to illuminate people’s lives for over a decade… I believe that most of us are pulling for Desus and Mero regardless of their breakup, in whichever way they go.”

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